Alan Price

Alan Price

Alan Price, Patient Safety Coach, TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer

Alan Price has presented teamwork, communication, and crisis leadership programs for a variety of clients in team-based settings. His coursework and presentations have focused on leadership and human factor skills in a large hospital group in the Northeast, simulation with the College of Thoracic Surgeons, and leadership and change management with several airline clients. He continues to work extensively with many physicians, nurses, and healthcare personnel, at hospitals such as The University of California–Fresno and University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.

Mr. Price has over thirty-nine years experience in a variety of military and civilian aircraft. He is a U.S. Air Force Command pilot and retired Lt. Colonel, and was a senior captain with his former airline. Additionally, he has a background in aviation human factors, having served as the Human Factors Coordinator of a major US-based airline. He has also written numerous safety articles for several publications focusing on both aviation and patient safety.

Mr. Price holds a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the USAF Academy, a Masters of Decision Science from Georgia State University, and has done post-graduate work in Man-Machine Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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