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Wexner Transforms Patient Safety with Crew Resource Management

In 2010, leaders at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, an essential hospital in Columbus, Ohio, decided it was time for a change—not just another project, but transformative improvements to patient safety and hospital culture. Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD, MBA, recalls that the hospital’s leaders knew “quality was going to become more and more important” in coming years. She remembers then-university President E. Gordon Gee, EdD, JD, saying, “We need to go from excellence to eminence.” Read more from America’s Essential Hospitals, Michelle Rosenfeld.


LifeWings Announces “Get it Right” Initiative to Prevent Inadvertent Deaths.

End-of-life care is garnering significant attention, and health care teams are not prepared to discern the type of care required with different directives. To help hospitals and caregivers get started on the process of assessing and planning for improvement in this critical area, LifeWings is making their Resuscitation Checklist available on their website.


LifeWings Offers New Tool to Help Hospitals Recover from Costly Patient Safety Protocol Failures
A leader in patient safety improvement programs has designed and released a new one-page, nine-step tool to help health care teams recover after a safety tool failure. Using the tool will help teams mitigate damage and prevent future failures.


LifeWings Offers New Tool to Help Hospitals Wipe Out Wasteful Meetings
LifeWings Partners LLC today released a new checklist to help health care leaders get better results from their meetings. The checklist, available free, enables health care leaders to organize how their meetings are being conducted and save their hospitals critical resources.


LifeWings Offers Tool to Help Hospitals That Scored Poorly on Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Report
The Leapfrog Group recently released its report on hospital safety scores. Many hospitals that scored below average will embark on improvement plans and this new tool from LifeWings will help them ensure that their projects produce sustainable results.


LifeWings Announces New Physician Engagement Toolkit to Help Hospitals Weather Serious Ramifications of the Affordable Care Act
Evidence reveals that engaged physicians are linked to superior patient care, lower costs, greater efficiency, and improved quality and patient safety. LifeWings Partners LLC today announced a toolkit to help health care leaders get better results from their safety programs by getting more support from their physicians.


LifeWings Announces New Toolkit to Help Hospitals Avoid $125,000 Medicare Penalty
LifeWings, a leader in patient safety improvement, today announced a new webinar and presentation to help hospitals avoid potential penalties from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


New Tool From LifeWings Fixes Broken Health Care Checklists
LifeWings, a leader in patient safety improvement, is offering a free tool, “Checkup for Your Checklist”, to enable health care personnel to fix checklists and dramatically improve patient safety.


LifeWings Offers New Tool to Help Hospitals Measure Critical Safety Progress for 2015
Major improvements are being made in the U.S. health care system and this new free tool from LifeWings can help hospitals easily and quickly measure critical results and ROI.



One Brilliant Economic Survival Tool You Can Steal From the World’s Best Hospitals

The Affordable Care Act has created a dramatic threat to the reimbursement model of all hospitals and studies show that over 400 hospitals probably won’t survive this economic tsunami. LifeWings shares one simple, easy, low cost tool that great hospitals use to survive the threat increases their organizational performance by 20 to 25%.



Despite Known Link Between Poor Teamwork and Errors, Only 30% of Medical Schools Provide Teamwork Training
A report from the Institute of Medicine’s cites healthcare disciplines have inhibited teamwork and collaboration by healthcare professionals, unfortunately only about 30 percent of medical schools are trying to fix the poor teamwork cited in the study. LifeWings, a leading patient safety consulting firm, offers interprofessional education programs that teach communication, teamwork, and collaboration among health care professionals.



LifeWings Develops Strategies for Hospital CEOs to Survive Healthcare’s New Value-Based Reimbursement Model
Nearly one-half of health system and hospital executives do not feel their current senior management team has members with the experience, skill sets and talent needed to achieve strategic priorities – including leading and managing the change needed to survive the economic upheaval in reimbursements. LifeWings, a leading patient safety consulting firm, has developed strategies for hospital CEOs to survive healthcare’s new value-based reimbursement model.



7 Lessons Healthcare Must Learn from the VA Scandal: Through the Eyes of a TopGun Pilot and Patient Safety Expert
When a physician alleged that as many as 40 veterans died while waiting up to 21 months for care at a Phoenix, AZ Veterans Affairs hospital, and that schedulers there manipulated patient data so hospital executives could qualify for bonuses, the scandal grew like a firestorm. Steve Harden, CEO of LifeWings, believes there is much that can be learned by the civilian healthcare community from this scandal.



8 Tips For Getting Your Staff to Speak Up About Patient Safety Issues
Steve Harden, CEO of LifeWings patient safety consulting firm, teaches organizations how to create a culture of safety where every member not only feels comfortable speaking up but feels they must.



How to Get Mandatory Staff Compliance with Patient Safety Processes
Research has shown that the words used to describe a required step in a process of care can dramatically increase the compliance you get from staff. LifeWings’ CEO, Steve Harden, offers strategies for getting compliance from your teams by focusing on the words used to describe that requirement.



Survey of Hospital CEOs Reveals that Improving Efficiency is the Most Important Strategy for Their Survival
The American Hospital Association (AHA), which serves 5,000 healthcare organizations, surveyed hospital CEOs to learn how they were planning to adapt their organizations to the new healthcare environment. LifeWings Partners understands the need to be fully prepared for these changes and are already developing new processes and tools which are saving hospitals millions of dollars.



LifeWings Helps University Develop Mobile App to Improve Crime Scene Investigations

Checklists have been a proven highly effective safety tool beginning with the aviation industry, followed by medical teams, and now crime scene investigation. Recently, LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm, worked with Middle Tennessee State University to create a crime scene investigation checklist app that can be used by Android and iPhones at the crime scene location.


New Study Declares Checklists Useless… Have Hospitals Been Wasting Their Time?
Hospital leaders everywhere, who have spent millions of dollars and countless hours implementing safe surgery checklists, are now wondering if this investment was a waste after a study from The New England Journal of Medicine recently declared that surgical checklists had no effect on patient mortality. LifeWings, a leading patient safety consulting firm, answers that question with a “No” and explains how to avoid the mistakes that caused these results.


Study Confirms a LifeWings Best Practice for Checklists: Involve the Patient
According to a study presented at the 2014 American Anesthesiology Conference, surgery is safer when a surgical team uses a safety checklist and the team is more likely to use the checklist when patients know it exists. In the past three years alone LifeWings, a leading patient safety consulting firm, has helped more than 225 healthcare facilities create and implement 400 customized checklists and safety tools.


5 Patient Safety Measurement Mistakes Hospitals Need to Avoid
This week, March 2-8, marks the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Patient Safety Awareness Week and there are a high number of units in hospitals that do not have a measurement plan to document their performance and help them reach their Key Patient Saftey Goals. LifeWings Partners helps hospitals set effective Key Result objectives to sustain lasting measurable results in their commitment to patient safety.


6 Best Practices for Deploying New Lean Healthcare Protocols
Extraordinary market conditions continue to force US healthcare providers to find proven ways to ensure their survival. Employing Lean methodologies has been recognized by LifeWings and many industry leaders as the most effective way to optimize safety, quality, lead time, and return on investment (ROI).





LifeWings Reveals Proof That Their New Program Can Save the Nation’s Bleeding Hospitals Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

LifeWings Partners LLC, a patient safety consulting firm, introduces a new training system that combines Lean plus TeamSTEPPS ideally suited for the challenges facing American healthcare. The cutting-edge service allows hospitals to get sustainable process improvement results by creating a culture of accountability and safety among staff.



7 Steps to Conducting an Effective Debrief: Closing the Loop on Conflict and Keeping Lines of Communication Open Between Team Members

LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm, offers 7 steps to conduct a debrief for healthcare organizations similar to that which is used in aviation. A very carefully constructed script is followed that allow critique without emotional content, as well as provides a mechanism to close the loop on conflict among team members and keep the lines of communication open.



5 Lessons About Patient Safety You Can Learn from the Super Bowl Teams

This week’s Super Bowl championship game featured the NFL’s top-ranked defense in both scoring and yards (Seahawks) versus the top-ranked offense in both scoring and yards (Broncos). Here are five lessons from LifeWings CEO, Steve Harden, that healthcare professionals can learn to emulate their success during patient safety or quality initiatives.



Who Says Healthcare Checklists Are Lame? Not This Mom or LifeWings

Despite the numerous studies proving the effectiveness of medical checklists and protocols, many physicians and staff still resist using them calling them, “lame,” or “insulting,” After her newborn baby was mistakenly given to another mom for breast-feeding, there is one mom in Texas that wishes her hospital had used a checklist to double-check their work.



7 Critical Culture Change Project Mistakes Even Smart Leaders Make

Smart healthcare leaders realize that they must manage their organization’s culture, or their culture will manage them. To succeed in the new economic landscape of reimbursement changes and shrinking profit margins, LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm dedicated to helping hospitals change their cultures, reveals seven mistakes leaders make that are sure to doom their culture change project.



The Most Important Patient Safety Action to Take in 2014 According to LifeWings

Manage your culture or it will manage you. The ongoing investigation into the Asiana crash this past summer in San Francisco has reinforced that the number one safety, quality, and cost issue affecting healthcare today — the unwillingness of staff to hold one another accountable and speak up when they perceive a problem with patient care.



Former Nuclear-Powered Submarine Captain Advises LifeWings on Patient Safety

Vice Admiral John Bird, USN Retired, former nuclear-powered submarine captain and Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, joins the LifeWings Partners Board of Governors. LifeWings is the world’s leading patient safety coaching and consulting firm.



How to Improve Patient Safety in Radiation Oncology with LifeWings

The rigor and standardization introduced into the radiology oncology practice at Memorial Cancer Institute following the LifeWings training, resulted in an increase in communication and teamwork that improved both safety and efficiency while improving both staff and patient satisfaction.



Eastern Maine Medical Center Achieving Confidence in Care with LifeWings

Easter Maine Medical Center partnered with LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm, to achieve a standard of excellence recognized by the Joint Commission this past November



It’s Not Rocket Science – Seven Common Sense Steps from LifeWings to Stop the Most Commonly Reported Patient Harming Event of 2013

Surgical mistakes, including operating on the wrong patient, or the wrong site on the right patient, or the wrong procedure on the correct patient topped all reported medical mistakes in first half of 2013. LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm, offers seven common sense solutions to this shocking statistic.



How Can Chief Medical Officers Prepare for Cultural Changes in Today’s Healthcare Environment?

Hospital Chief Medical Officers that attended the Tennessee Hospital Association’s Summit held in Nashville, Tennessee this past November had the opportunity to participate in a pre-conference session, “Leading Physicians and Hospitals Through Cultural Change: A Prescription for Turbulent Times.” The session was sponsored by LifeWings Partners, LLC, a consulting group experienced in helping hospitals implement Crew Resource Management (CRM) strategies.



440,000 Americans Dying Annually from Preventable Errors: LifeWings Committed to Changing this Statistic One Hospital at a Time

The newest research released from the Journal of Patient Safety estimates as many as 440,000 Americans die annually as the result of preventable medical errors. LifeWings, a patient safety consulting firm, is committed to changing these statistics one hospital at a time.



Over 50% of Medical Staff Will Not Speak up for Patient Safety: Six Things We Must Do to Fix This

The AHRQ recently released the summary of the data from all of the Safety Climate Surveys conducted last year and the national data about the willingness to speak up in our nation’s hospitals paints a dismal picture… 50% of medical staff will not speak up for patient safety, and LifeWings offers six steps to empower them to speak up and save lives.



How 3 Essential Patient Safety Steps Can Prevent Medical Errors

Mistakes during surgical procedures are the most common medical error in 2013, and LifeWings, a team of international patient safety experts, offers three proven solutions to prevent these traumatic patient-harming events.



4 Simple Steps to Ensure Sustainable TeamSTEPPS Performance Improvements with LifeWings

Steve Harden, CEO of LifeWings and patient safety expert, offers 4 simple steps to ensure sustainable performance improvement initiatives in your hospital.



One-Minute Software Download Fixes One of the Most Dangerous Hospital Procedures

LifeWings and Kolkin Corp. have teamed up to offer an incredibly simple computer program to overhaul one of the most dangerous events in a hospital – the “handoff” when a physician transfers care of the patient to another colleague during shift change, or transfers the patient to a physician in another department.



Simple Tool Stops the Hidden Danger in Every Emergency Room Visit

LifeWings and the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation (EMPSF) team up to provide a standardized patient handoff tool for Emergency Medicine Physicians.



Two Patient Safety Resources Every Hospital Must Have

Seventy to 80% of all patient harming errors include poor teamwork and miscommunication in the list of primary root causes. LifeWings has two of the best safety tools the healthcare industry has ever seen: SOS (HIPAA compliant software), and Safer Signout (Handoff Patient Safety Tool).



LifeWings Offers Solutions to the Third Leading Cause of Death in America

LifeWings Partners LLC is focused on providing solutions to hospitals across the country to help them protect their patients from the third leading cause of death in America’s hospitals–medical errors.



Five Tips to Error-Proof Your Operating Rooms by Turning Your Group of Experts into an Expert Team

Ever wonder how airline pilots and flight attendants can – in less than 45 minutes – go from being total strangers to being an expert team in control of a $100 million jet speeding down the runway with 250 lives aboard. Steve Harden, LifeWings CEO, airline captain, and patient safety expert, answers that question by sharing lessons learned from 36 years of flying and 14 years of helping hospitals turn their group of medical experts into expert teams.



Disruptive Innovators: Using aviator techniques in the hospital from Healthcare Finance News

Lean may be the biggest craze these days in creating efficiencies in hospitals and health systems, but some facilities are having success with a process that got its start at NASA. Crew resource management – also known as cockpit resource management – developed out of the aviation industry.



Can’t Afford to Invest in Patient Safety? LifeWings Offering Champagne TeamSTEPPS Programs for Hospitals on a Beer Budget

For those hospitals with shrinking profit margins due to recent reimbursement changes, LifeWings is now offering the most comprehensive TeamSTEPPS training in the history of healthcare. LifeWings provides the training through state-wide or regional collaboratives organized by state hospital associations or healthcare engagement networks (HENs), and many hospitals can get the patient safety training for low, or no-cost by joining a collaborative subsidized by state hospital associations.


Fighter Pilot Takes Aim at the Role of Culture in Persistent Medical Mistakes

LifeWings Vice President and former Navy TOPGUN fighter pilot, Steve Montague, will speak on the impact of organizational culture at the Summit on Quality Healthcare in Topeka, Kansas in October. Steve will draw on lessons learned from his experience flying the F-14 Tomcat from the deck of aircraft carriers to stress the importance of the culture of safety and accountability in providing error-free healthcare


Memorial Cancer Institute to Demonstrate Highly Reliable, Highly Efficient Culture at ASTRO Conference

The vast majority of healthcare accidents stem from human error and poor communication among members of the care team. Memorial Healthcare System of Hollywood, Florida invested in LifeWings Crew Resource Management (CRM) patient safety systems to improve communication, teamwork, and decision-making.


Memorial Cancer Institute and LifeWings to Highlight Unique Patient Collaboration at ASTRO Conference

The vast majority of healthcare accidents stem from human error and poor communication among members of the care team. Memorial Healthcare System of Hollywood, Florida invested in LifeWings Crew Resource Management (CRM) patient safety systems to improve communication, teamwork, and decision-making;


LifeWings and EMPSF Join Forces to Overcome Most Dangerous Part of ER Visits

Communication errors are the most common cause of medical errors and adverse events in the ER. To help combat this problem, LifeWings has joined the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation (EMPSF) Safer Sign Out protocol to help reduce risk in the emergency departments across the country.


Memorial Cancer Institute to Showcase LifeWings’ CRM Training and Safety Tools at ASTRO Conference in Atlanta

The vast majority of healthcare accidents stem from human error and poor communication among members of the care team. In response to this concern in healthcare, Memorial Healthcare System of Hollywood, Florida invested in LifeWings’ Crew Resource Management (CRM) patient safety systems to improve communication, teamwork, and decision-making.


Banish Boring PowerPoints at Your Healthcare Conferences in 2014

Entertain, engage, enrage, empower, and energize your conference with LifeWings’ dynamic experts on patient safety and teamwork. LifeWings announces their professional speakers series featuring a critical presentation entitled: “Affordable Care Act Survival Toolkit – The Secret formula for combining Lean and TeanSTEPPS to prosper during the reimbursement storm.”


LifeWings Introduces a New Solution to Lean Healthcare

LifeWings introduces a new training system that combines Lean and TeamSTEPPS ideally suited for the challenges facing American healthcare. The cutting-edge service allows hospitals to get sustainable process improvement results by creating a culture of accountability and safety among staff.


LifeWings Helping Hospitals Protect Their Bottom Line Without Compromising Patient Safety

Estimates are that as many as 1 out of 7 hospitals will go out of business in the future because they are not ready for the new Affordable Care Act reimbursement guidelines. LifeWings, patient safety training firm, offers strategies for hospitals’ organizational culture to be able to produce the level of patient safety, reliability, compliance, and engagement which the new reimbursement rules will require.


6 Principles to Implement Lean Healthcare Methodologies with LifeWings

Under enormous pressure to cut costs, healthcare leaders are looking to other industries for lessons in efficiency and culture change referred to as lean healthcare methods, and LifeWings has incorporated this methodology into their training. LifeWings, a team of pilots, astronauts, physicians and process improvement experts trained by Toyota, is one of the first consultant companies to provide this blended approach to performance improvement for health care.


How to Reduce Costs While Increasing Volumes in Your Hospital Surgery Service

The Affordable Care Act’s game-changing payment methodology ties providers’ pay directly to the quality and cost of care, and as the new payment strategy shifts a portion of Medicare funds away from providers (both physicians and hospitals), being on the winning side of this equation has never been more important. LifeWings shares their strategy of how to compete for incentive revenue and avoid penalty while ultimately protecting patients’ lives;


4 Critical Lessons Healthcare Can Learn from the Crash in San Francisco According to LifeWings

On July 6th, Asiana flight 214, a B-777, hit the sea wall on approach to San Francisco airport (SFO), causing the death of three passengers. The effort to stop patient harm due to preventable medical error in healthcare can be assisted by examining some of the factors in the loss of life in aviation.


Stop Investing in Perishable Results: LifeWings Lean + TeamSTEPPS Toolkit Makes Improvements Permanent

To end the cycle of improvement followed by regression, LifeWings, world leader in sustainable operational excellence, introduces a revolutionary three-step system for building an efficient, waste free organization run by staff with a culture of accountability and high reliability while incorporating the reimbursement changes coming with the Affordable Care Act. Using Lean to permanently improve processes and TeamSTEPPS to create medical teams that embrace standard handoffs, time outs, checklists, protocols, and scripts, LifeWings creates high performing organizations resulting capable if surviving dramatic changes to reimbursements:


Top 10 Patient Safety Tools for July 15-19, 2013 from the Clinical Quality and Infection Control

A list of the 10 most popular patient safety tools for the week of July 15 to 19, 2013, beginning with the most popular. Features LifeWings’ Stop-the-Line Assertiveness Training.


Buy-In: Five Secrets to Getting the Compliance You Need to be Successful in Your Initiative

LifeWings, patient safety training firm, believes that no matter what type of safety or quality initiative an organization is trying to implement, success depends on convincing people to do something a certain way. Resistance is normal, that is why there must be buy-in from the innovators and early adopters.


Six Ways Healthcare Units Use Lean Management and TeamSTEPPS /CRM

The lean methodology, borrowed from Toyota Motor Corp., and Crew Resource Management (CRM) borrowed from aviation, emphasize continuous quality improvement, standardization, teamwork, communication, and efficiency.


Seven Tips to Turbo Charge Your Surgical Safety Checklists

LifeWings, patient safety consulting firm, has helped over 100 organizations around the world create and successfully implement checklists, here are seven surefire tips to boost the success rate of your checklist implementation process.



What Can Hospital Leaders Learn from a Flock of Geese?

Veteran airline captain and organizational change expert, Steve Harden, will speak to hospital leaders about surviving the health care economic tsunami at the MediServe 2013 Annual Conference taking place at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 7. His presentation will include lessons learned from Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and his crew, when they successfully ditched US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River after both engines failed due to a collision with a flock of geese.


4 Tips for Hospitals to Avoid Going out of Business by 2019

Estimates are that 15% of hospitals will go our of business by 2015 because of failure to repond to Value Based Purchasing. Reduced reimbursements under performance measures, patient satisfaction scores and other core measures in value based purchasing will reduce the payments made to hospitals from Medicare and Medicaid.


Safer Sign Out in the Emergency Department with LifeWings

The Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation (EMPSF) in collaboration with LifeWings – an EMPSF innovation partner- implements the Safer Sign Out protocol to help reduce risk, increase effectiveness and improve clinician and patient satisfaction across the country.


Three Ways To Combat the Fear of Speaking Up in Healthcare from LifeWings

The two biggest barriers to hospitals ensuring patient safety are nurses’ fear of retribution if they speak up and poor communication during handoffs. Find out what the experts know and learn three steps you can take to fix one of them.


Preparing Surgical and Anesthesiology Teams to Thrive in Uncharted Waters

The Affordable Care Act has provided a financial incentive for anesthesiologists who demonstrate superior patient outcomes. LifeWings CRM focuses on training in teamwork, communication, and the routine usage of checklists and protocols preparing your anesthesiology practice to ‘weather’ this sea change in payment strategies and improve patient safety by adopting CRM practices.


Patient Safety Takes Flight in Tennessee

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety (TCPS) recently announced a collaborative agreement with LifeWings Partners LLC, a West Tennessee company that has adapted the best practices of high reliability organizations to create safer patient environments for hospitals across the nation.


Media Planet Report on Patient Safety

Featuring Sully on Safety and more.


Hospitals Take Flight Lessons from Pilots to Avoid Government Penalties

In 2013, government regulators will penalize 1,427 U.S. hospitals because too many of their patients are re-admitted to the hospital for follow-on care. To avoid these penalties, hospitals are taking lessons from LifeWings, an aviation-based patient safety training company, on how to improve doctor-patient communications to prevent mistakes leading to unnecessary readmissions.


Doctors learn from flyboys at American Anesthesiology
Shapiro, Jeff American Anesthesiology304

South Florida Business Journal

When the doctors at American Anesthesiology were looking to improve patient care, they found help from above — as in the world of aviation.


LifeWings Speaks Up About Patient Safety At The UNOS Annual Transplant Management Forum

LifeWings, Korky von Kessel, will be speaking at the UNOS Annual Transplant Management Forum in New Orleans in April. LifeWings specializes in patient safety training to medical teams across the country led by a team of physicians, nurses, former NASA astronauts, former military flight surgeons, pilots, flight crew, former military officers, and healthcare risk managers.


To Stop Medical Mistakes, TOPGUN Fighter Pilot Shares Hidden Technology Secrets With Operating Room Staff At National Medical Convention

Captain Stephen Harden, Chairman and CEO of LifeWings Partners LLC, former TOPGUN fighter pilot and airline captain, and featured speaker at the Surgical Information Systems National Conference, will share how aviation uses technology to avoid fatal mistakes.


How to Create a Culture of Safety in Healthcare Along With LifeWings

Captain Steve Montague, Vice President of LifeWings Partners LLC, will be a featured speaker at the 2013 Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality Summit. Captain Montague’s presentation will focus on the importance of organizational culture in providing safe, quality patient care to decrease medical errors in our healthcare system across the nation.


TCPS TeamSTEPPS Training

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety is partnering with LifeWings to provide a statewide TeamSTEPPS collaborative for our safety partner hospitals. Increasing complexity and reimbursement changes in health care create a critical need for more reliable and efficient systems to provide the safest, most cost-effective care for our patients.


Tennessee Hospitals Take Aim at Medical Error with Aerial Aces

The Tennessee Center for Patient Safety will be partnering with the Tennessee based LifeWings patient safety training company to improve patient safety standards across the state. The aim of this project will be to advance the adoption of TeamSTEPPS, a patient safety program built on the best practices from aviation to improve the reliability, safety and quality of care and save lives in Tennessee hospitals


Hospitals look to the skies for safety help

Amanda Cuda

From the minute Joe Brown slides into the cockpit of an airplane, he’s in charge of protecting scores of lives.

Every decision the veteran pilot faces is crucial. He needs to know exactly what’s going on with his plane, what’s happening in the air, and which member of his crew is in charge of doing what. Everything has to go smoothly because if it doesn’t, one mistake could put all those lives — each one in Brown’s care — at risk.

In a way, it’s a lot like surgery….


Groundbreaking Training Video Prepares Surgical Team to Become Safest in the U.S.

Vassar Brothers Medical Center, in partnership with the safety experts from LifeWings, was one of the first hospitals in New York to use a safe surgery checklist. Now, they are one of the first to create a cutting edge training video to ensure every member of their surgical team becomes an expert in the use of the checklist.


Yuma Regional Medical Center Selects LifeWings To Partner in Implementing TeamSTEPPS

Yuma Regional Medical Center located in Yuma, Arizona has selected LifeWings based in Collierville, Tennessee, to be their partner in implementing TeamStepps in their brand new Hybrid OR. This project will incorporate LifeWings Leadership Skills and Implementation Workshops with on-site client specific patient safety training.







1st Annual OR Excellence Awards from Outpatient Surgery


Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Safety, By Stephen W. Harden from Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare




Program takes wing at hospita
l from the Statesman Journal.




5th Annual Interclerkship Day: Improving Patient Safety from the Jefferson Medical College Health Policy Newsletter




Preventing Medical Mistakes from Medical Breakthroughs





Hospital Hones Procedures With Pilot Precision from Nashville Medical News.








Top Gun Pilot Shows Caregivers How to Avoid Mistakes
from advance For Respiratory Care Practitioners




When is an operating room like a cockpit?
from Air & Space Smithsonian




“A Crash’s Improbable Impact: ’82 Air Florida Tragedy Led To Broad Safety Reforms”
from The Washington Post (free registration at the Washington Post website is required).
















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