Patient Safety Program

LifeWings Patient Safety Program Improves Hospital Quality

More than 13 years and 150 health care facilities have demonstrated that the systems, tools, and training we provide make patients safer, employees more satisfied, and health care organizations more sustainable. LifeWings has received significant media attenion for the innovation of our programs, the enthusiasm of our clients, and the results of our services. We have documented dramatic improvements such as:

  • 195% Improvement in Uneventful Procedural Cases
  • 50.1% Reduction in Surgical Counts Errors
  • 25% Decrease in Medication Discrepancies
  • 20% Decrease in OR Equipment Discrepancies
  • 50% Decrease in Patient ID Discrepancies
  • 32% Decrease in Malpractice Claims Dollars Per Surgical Discharge.

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