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“LifeWings Train-the-Trainer workshops were very beneficial in helping me overcome nerves and fear of presenting in front of a group. Because of the week I learned I CAN DO THIS and get the point across. I would say to other hospitals considering this training that this is a must do if there is any concern for patient safety! The interactive class environment and feedback from the coaches was extremely helpful and inspiring, and I feel prepared to for our upcoming implementation.”’

Bill Shingler, UTMC

“Because of Train-the-Trainers week I learned effective storytelling, and the power of laughter incorporated into presentations. This training was well worth the commitment and it is imperative to the success of trainers. The one on one instruction and feedback is what I like most about this LifeWings training.”

Lauren Scarbro, UTMC

“Prior to attending the Train-the-Trainer workshop, our team had reservations and lacked confidence. investing in the Train-the-Trainer workshop was one of the most beneficial decisions that our organization has made in order to have a strong TeamSTEPPS program designed for sustainment.”

Tammy Seay, University of Tennessee

“Because of Train-the-Trainer week I have confidence and feel well prepared to present the TeamSTEPPS material to our staff. What I liked most about this training was the small group instruction and the follow up from a live audience of nursing students.”

Tresa Batson, UTMC

“When Joint Commission was here for a visit, the physician surveyor said ours was the best Time Out he had EVER seen.”

Deborah L. Saylor
Senior Vice President Patient Services
Saint Francis Hospital

“The LifeWings Train-The-Trainer program was an extremely valuable experience for us. The LifeWings Master Trainers clearly have mastery of the material and loads of facilitation experience, as well as keen observation and feedback/coaching skills. This intensive program is a great way for facilitators to hone their skills through practice, and by getting real-time, detailed feedback and individualized coaching from other seasoned facilitators. My colleague recently experienced a train-the-trainer course where one instructor presented a skill-development session for over 20 participants. While training sessions with that sort of instructor-to student ration can be helpful, they just don’t have the same impact as the LifeWings program.”

Mark Rolfson
UNM Hospitals Organizational & Professional Development

“The work plan for this Institute was excellent. The participant guide, chapter by chapter, was excellent. Leading us as a group to develop our own implementation plan was excellent as well. Steve is a terrific teacher and an expert facilitator.

This LDI is an absolutely essential part of the program, and any other hospitals considering a CRM project need to be sure to include their key leaders and decision‐makers. I almost decided not to come to this, and that would have been a bad decision. Our success will be a sure thing as a result of having attended this Institute.
Thank you for caring about patients and being committed to our success.”

Karen Sexton
VP and CEO
UTMB Hospital and Clinics

“Hospital leadership must come to the LDI. They will get opportunities for group interaction and plan development. There are great group facilitation activities – this is an active process. Leaders will learn a lot, and much of what you learn is readily applicable to many other projects and situations.”

Joan Richardson, MD
Medical Director, Inpatient Services

“During this LDI, the strengths and benefits of CRM were emphasized and ingrained. Inspiring. Creates an excitement about the upcoming program. The LDI was a great overview. It instilled enthusiasm and I’m eager to champion its cause. Top Gun pilots accept nothing less then perfection. They work together to achieve it! It is an acceptable goal. Mistakes will occur—but our CRM will “capture” and “minimize” them before they are big.”

David Sacks, MD
Director, Anesthesia
Memorial Healthcare System—South

“The Leadership course was beneficial because it organized our approach, orchestrating a plan of action, and helped to develop effective tools. During the LDI I learned excellent communication formulas! This program is essential to be in the business of providing healthcare…it needs to be mandatory.”

Mary Owen
Director, Outcomes Case Management
University of California Health System – Irvine

“This Institute bonded leadership and created excitement and energy for our project. I don’t believe a CRM implementation would be successful without this in‐depth preparation.”
Valerie Parisi, MD, MPH, MBA
Dean, School of Medicine

“This LDI gave me a clear roadmap to follow for implementation of the program. Previously, we have struggled to address the root cause of our inertia in patient safety/quality. We now have leadership on board, a commitment to make this happen, and the implementation steps to bring this to life. As a result, our hospital will have a different feel. This LDI is well worth the time and investment.”

Steve Smith, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Nebraska Medical Center

“The communication techniques and practice, action plan, and tools were beneficial. I now have the information, tools, knowledge and skill to ‘hardwire’ our cultural change. This LDI is more than a conceptual framework. It’s very practical and shows you how to achieve the ‘hard stuff’ of getting the program implemented.”

Shelly Schwedhelm, RN
Director, Preoperative and Emergency Serv.
Nebraska Medical Center

“The LDI showed me how to ‘sell’ the program to reluctant individuals. It also highlighted the pitfalls of implementation and how to handle or avoid those pitfalls. It gave me specifics of what to do and when to do them. The LDI is helpful for learning how to deal with difficult and routine situations to improve overall performance.”

Michael Fee, MD
Anesthesia, Clinical Director
Nebraska Medical Center

“The LDI helped me by providing a framework by which I can organize my own thoughts, and know that everyone in the OR has their thoughts and attention organized and focused in the same manner… all directed at optimizing patient care. I learned very useful techniques to promote and reinforce a system to make a significant improvement in our working environment, patient safety, efficiency and job satisfaction. This LDI is definitely a worthwhile investment. I wish we had more of it!”

Kim F. Duncan
Section Head, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Nebraska Medical Center

“The LDI provided a clear, focused approach to the project. Nothing in it was a waste of time – all of it was very beneficial. This LDI helped me by reinforcing the concept of accountability for behavior. It also gave us tools to use to make us commit to holding ourselves and others accountable. Anyone considering attending LifeWings LDI should do it! It will open a new avenue for improving teamwork and safety.”

Rita Van Fleet, CNO & VP,
Patient Care Services

“The LDI helped us to make CRM a new policy for the institution. It helped us decide we are indeed committed, that this project is not optional or a ‘trial.’ Also, I received training via practice with scripts to sell the program, initiate the dissemination of the idea, and sustain it. If you are thinking about attending this LDI, just do it! It is well worth the investment and is critical to developing a committed administration and leadership team.”

Bud Shaw, MD
Chair, Dept. of Surgery

“The LDI helped me by providing great clarification and a roadmap to follow for success. I feel empowered to answer staff questions and explain the project.
For other hospitals who are considering making the time and resource commitment to attend this LDI, I would say go for it! Patient safety is our #1 goal and this commitment of time, money and energy proves it beyond a doubt.”

Patty Hannigan
Director of Safety & Risk Management
Holy Cross Hospital

“The interaction and role playing was beneficial in the LDI. It will assist me in being prepared for certain questions/circumstances. The overview of the project rounding and project interviews is key to ensure a successful project. The LDI gave me a great overview of what the program has to offer. I am highly convinced that we will be delivering better patient care with these safety skills.
If you are thinking about going to a LifeWings LDI…just do it! It is an investment in the long‐term and promotes effective teamwork and communication. Your hospital will run more effectively and efficiently because of the LDI.”

Theresa Valern
Clinical Director
Holy Cross Hospital

“The LDI presented a simple approach to goal identification and achievement via straightforward tool application. This training is essential to a successful outcome!”

Stephen D. Cetrulo, MD
Medical Director
Holy Cross Hospital

“This LDI provided concrete methods to use in helping to implement the program. I couldn’t recommend this more to hospitals who are considering the LDI. This is essential!”

Grant C. Besley, PhD
Coordinator, LifeWings project
Holy Cross Hospital

“The LDI provided a more cohesive simple focused approach to building teamwork consensus and good role modeling of how to address a diverse group. Let LifeWings bring in their proven structure, experience, and commitment to your hospital and benefit from their track record.”

Sandra O’Kelly, BSN
Infection Control/Safety Coordinator
Holy Cross Hospital

“The Institute was beneficial because it brought the group together so there were others with the same knowledge & excitement level regarding the project. The LDI also provided good team building that gets all possible issues you may face out so you are prepared to address them.”

Carol Blakey, RN, BSN, MHCA
Clinical Director, Emergency Dept.
Director of Quality, Education Dept.
Holy Cross Hospital

“The LDI helped improve my ability to communicate our plan for developing safe, efficient, and compassionate highest standard of care. Attending this LDI is well worth your time, money, and energy! It is an effective use of all of them.”

Geilan Ismail, MD
Holy Cross Hospital

“Having interaction between all participants (i.e.‐Board, CEO, physicians, nurses, etc) was a very beneficial component of the LDI. The Institute was helpful by uniformly presenting and laying out the project from start to finish.”

Charles Mike Huelsman
Clinical Director/Surgical Services
Holy Cross Hospital

“This LDI was useful because it made the project real, made me comfortable/enthusiastic about my role, and focused on the simple, practical and achievable. If patient safety if your priority, it is critical to attend this LDI.”

Ron Burnham
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Holy Cross Hospital

“The LDI was able to really help me look at the problem and try to apply the concept to the issue. Because of the LDI, I learned what a patient safety program can do to help us in our practice and improve our outcomes by supported data. The value of what the program can do for the facility is well worth the expense!”

Diane Stonmerk, RNC, RSN, NRP
Manager Peds/PICU/NICU
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center—Mokena, IL

“The LDI helped me focus on the patient issues which will be used to implement the program. I learned how important it was to follow proven tools for patient safety and communication between MDs & RNs. The practice sessions were excellent. The work plan was a well thought out sequence. I strongly recommend the LDI!”

Ann Grelyak
System Manager Patient & Workplace Safety
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center—Mokena, IL

“Prior to this LDI I had difficulty knowing my specific role & responsibility, but the LDI helped clarify what needs to be communicated. I learned step by step what actions need to be put into place and my roles and expectations. The LDI was really personalized to our issues. If you are considering attending a LDI, make sure you do it and have all your leaders participate.”

Joan Cappelletti
Woman & Children’s Service Line Administrator
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center—Mokena, IL

“This LDI was very informative and brought a broad spectrum of leaders together. Prior to the LDI it was difficult to understand all the components & steps to the process. Because of the LDI, I was able to clarify the process, use tools in a practical way, and validate important outcomes. I learned useful ideas for having the difficult conversations.”

Jill Weitendorf, RN
Patient Care Manager
Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center—Mokena, IL

“It was beneficial to take the time to make a project calendar & set dates—this gives the project a sense of immediacy. The LDI gives key members of the project the skills to communicate the virtues of the program to the key areas of the organization.”

Brian Egan, DO

“Before the LDI I didn’t understand we would really become the owner of the project. The LDI was beneficial because it helped me understand the expectations of the project.”

Karen Briscoe
Risk Manager‐‐PSJMC

“Everything about the LDI was excellent. I have been in quality for 15 years and seen many variations of how to improve healthcare performance. This is the most comprehensive, common sense approach I have ever seen, which allows the ‘elephant’ in the middle of the room to be exposed and dealt with.
Because of this program, I learned how to sell a project better, how to be more specific and explicit about what the focus on team outcomes should be. Now the leadership has bought in and excited about the process. This is definitely worth your while—a must have.”

Jane Jones
Regional Director, Quality Systems
Community Health Partners

“The LDI provided great examples of tools, role playing, concentration of the process, and how to hardwire our results. All the support LifeWings gives during the training and implementation is wonderful. The LDI was able to bring our ‘team together,’ not just one discipline.
Also, I learned effective ways to communicate benefits of the program, how to talk to low performers and how to help communication and processes stay simple, clean & effective. This was an excellent investment—very practical and applicable to every day life in healthcare.”

Tracy Sharpnack
Chief Nursing Officer
Community Health Partners

“This program was beneficial in anticipating issues and helping us work on solutions in a proactive manner. The LDI provided me with proven formulas that will help ensure the success of this project. I learned better ways to problem solve as a team and how to sell any project better.
This commitment to attend the LDI was well worth the time investment because we were able to not only identify issues, but provide solutions. Thanks for the great presentation!”

Ed Ruth
VP Professional Services
Community Health Partners

“What is very important in this program is that it will empower healthcare workers to do and say what is the right thing for the patient. Even thought the principles come out of another industry, there are universal concepts that can be applied to all industries. The LDI covered everything from beginning to end, & beyond.
As a new employee, the LDI helped me learn more about the leaders at this institution. This is one program that all other hospitals should look at first. It was very well done—organized, and easy to understand. Thank you so much!”

Olga Faroh
OB Manager
Community Health Partners

“The organization & presentation were excellent at the LDI. The program helped me focus…focus…focus! Because of the LDI, I believe all things are possible.”

Francis A. Bartek
OBGYN Dept. Chair Person
Community Health Partners

“The LDI had a good structure, written tools and role playing that worked well. This program helped provide structure and infrastructure to our safety program. We gained more physician support and forced agreement to an implementation timeline. Aviation principles can apply to healthcare and this LDI was very worthwhile.”

Donald Blanford, MD
SVP & Chief Medical Officer
Community Health Partners

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