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“Thanks so much for your Lifewings presentation. Your entire presentation was spot on, smooth, articulate beyond compare, and well composed. But far beyond all of that, were the words you carefully chose to reflect your painful loss and your appreciation to those caregivers who helped your daughter. I was so choked up at the end, that I could barely say thanks. I wanted you know that I appreciated the entire session, and especially found meaning in your recounting of this terrible loss. I have signed on for 2 of the third phase sessions to help implement the principles of Lifewings. I doubt I would have been so willing if it had not been for your very convincing work. Thanks again for your very effective talk and for sharing your personal tragedy.”
Orthopedic Surgeon, Mt. Kisco, NY

“I think we have really established significant momentum and critical mass, and my optimism for success grows daily. Our LifeWings coach has been outstanding and has been invaluable to me (and everyone else in the process) in helping me navigate the peaks and valleys of the a project of this magnitude. Thanks.”
David E. Pitcher, MD, FACS
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
Executive Medical Director for Inpatient Services, UNM Hospitals
Associate Professor of Surgery
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

“A must for physician leaders and others involved in designing protocols and policies in hospitals and other healthcare settings.”
Jayesh Patel, MD
Skyline Medical Center

“I highly recommend this course for OR physicians…particularly anesthesiologists.”
Dyer Rodes, MD
Chief of Anesthesia, Centennial Medical Center

Physician Leadership Article

“I feel equipped in ways that I did not even know I had weaknesses. Humbling.”
John Stewart, MD
Stewart Family Health

“Do it! You’ll be surprised how avoiding errors in healthcare is so similar to avoiding mishaps in aviation.”
Patricia Murafetis
Asst. Dir. of Medicine
Coney Island Hospital

“This course should be taught at all levels of training (Med school, internship, residency), and reinforced at the hospitals which we practice.”
Jim Loveless, MD
Summit Medical Center

“Vital topics are covered for an effective practice. Physicians should take them seriously not only to prevent lawsuits but to insure the BEST care for the patients.”
R. Louis Murphy, MD

“Practical / insightful information which facilitates physician behavior modification.”
Pamela R. Sud, MD

” Do it. It gives you a new perspective to prevent errors and become more appreciative of team approach.”
Bradford E. Mutchler, MD

“Better ability to interact with co-workers in an effective way. Encourage you to attend.”
James B. Witherington, MD

“Don’t miss a treat. Learn to be more specific as to orders and to cross check records.”
J.W.Shore, MD

“Recognize and acknowledge importance of each team member. Would encourage attendance.”
Jan Osborne, MD

“Great seminar…must attend…Learn how team leaders must be approachable.”
Jerry Lee Surber, MD

“Well worth your time.”
Stephen Prinz, MD

“Necessary information for your office.”
S.L. Meisenheimer, Family Practice

“Well worth doing.”
Ken Allen, MD, Family & Sports Medicine

“Good protocol to handle angry patients and conflict management.”
Gary C. Cooper, Pathologist

“Very informative.”
Jesse Noers, MD

“Time well spent.”
J. Ross, MD

“Just Go!”
John M. Burkhart, MD

“Very valuable information. I would attend.”
Rosalind Cadigan, MD

“Attending this seminar is valuable to becoming productive about dealing with relevant issues to medical legal matters.”
Paul D. Banick, MD

“Very good learning event.”
Bradley L. Pearman, MD, Ophthalmologist

“Very good information.”
Steven J. Smith, Plastic Surgeon

“The seminar was great, extremely practical for home life and work. I enjoyed it.”
S. Durbin, MD

“Good information.”
Frank Little, MD

“Worth attending.”
Erroc J. Britts, MD

“Very worthwhile.”
John Pittengon, MD

“Go to it.”
M P Gallagher, MD, Cardiology

“Would definitely attend this seminar.”
James A. Parrott, MD, Digenetic Radiology

“Very good information on dealing how to manage angry patients and to recognize the red flags. And be more aware of what to look for.”
Debby Cain, Office Nurse

“Everyone should attend this is critical information for busy, caring patients.”
Charles Robinson, DO
FP/Practice owner-group practice

“Good training tools for a practice.”
James Foster, MD

“DO IT!”
Mark Gary Blumenthal,MD,MPH
Medical Director
Blount County Medical Center

“Please attend. Worth your while in many ways.”
Oliver K. Agee, MD

“Highly recommended.”
Jeffrey H Johnson, MD

“DO IT!”
Susan Dodd OB/GYN

“Just attend and you will see why.”
C. A. Isham, MD

“Self criticism is good.”
John McElliott, MD

“Very good and educational.”
Michael Maggart, Cardiatheric Surgeon

“You should not miss this.”
Nathan Trentham, MD

“Very beneficial.”
Cheri C. Johnston, MD

“It is worthwhile information and
well worth your time.”
Michael Craig, MD

“Should attend this seminar.”
Chris D. Harris, MD, Urologist

“Excellent useful seminar, very practical – should be combined with office staff.”
John S Burrell MD , Medical Director, Reachs Community Health Center, Lafollette, TN

“Useful information.”
Jim Fergon, MD

“Worthwhile excellent information
for any practice.”
Dr. Chad Potteiger, GF Physician

“Definitely attend this seminar.”
Dana Howe FNP-C

“Good seminar, review communications
techniques needed for practice and life.”
Marvin Bowers, MD

“Worthwhile time spent on this seminar.”
Joseph D. Minarao, Cardiologist

“Is well worth your time.”
Randy Denton, Med/Peds

“Excellent seminar must attend!”
M. Bijnya, MD

“Good experience.”
J Brad Carter,MD

“Definitely attend.”
Joseph D. Payne, MD, Owner Physician of , Avatar Medical, PC

“Very good seminar and speakers.”
Susan Manson, MD, Internal Medicine

“Good program.”
Safwan Hamwi, MD

John Jzaskar, MD

“Worth attending the seminar.”
Bert A Hampton

“A worthwhile investment of your time.”
L Thomas Oconnor, MD

“It is worth the 2 hour commitment.”
Jeff King, MD, Private practitioner, Infections Diseases

“Must attend.”
C. P. Bowers, MD, Solo Practice

“Worth the time.”
Thomas Higgins, MD

“It was very helpful in reinforcing the basic principals of caring for people and communicating with people.”
Samual Puckett, MD, Pediatrician

“Useful techniques that are helpful to recall under pressure to resolve a problem.”
Brian Hughes, MD

“Attend a must invaluable asset to practicing medicine in today’s environment.”
Wiliam Harry, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

“Good learning experience”
Ghazali A. Khan, MD

“Yes you need this seminar.”
Mukfsh K. Sharma, MD, Cardiology

“Attend this seminar!!!!”
Jon R Simmons, MD

“Worth you time to attend!”
J. Donald King, MD

“It is certainly a worthwhile seminar to attend.”
Clarence L Jones, MD

“Time well (worth) spent!”
Manisha Thakur, MD, Private Practice

“Very informative and will be able to use on a daily basis.”
Rval Swanson, MD

“They all need to come. Hospital administration needs to come.”
Kenneth L Scott Jr, MD

“It is well worth your time excellent information.”
Mark Dalle-Ave, MD

“Great seminar and worth the time.”
Mary M Huffman, MD

“It is very good seminar and pertinent to practice today.”
Kim Learnd

“Worthwhile seminar.”
John Morse, MD

“Very practical seminar, useful.”
Greg Kyser, MD, Psychiatrist

“It will make your staff work together better.”
N.S. Babu, MD

“Very good points are raised.”
Rennee Dillon, MD

“Go to decrease problems and resolve conflict.”
E.L. King, MD

“Good information.”
Tom Duncan, MD

“Definitely attend this seminar.”
John Interlandi, MD, Endocrinologist

“Excellent seminar.”
Terry Pearlam, MD

“Very valuable information in this seminar.”
Dean Knoll, MD

“Urge physicians to attend.”
Stuart Smith, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Very helpful information.”
William (Bill) Pettit

“I would recommend this seminar to all physicians.”
James J. Coleman, MD

“You should all attend this seminar.”
Jennifer Montague, MD, Family Practice

“Do it!”
Jerry Lee Surber, MD, Emergency Medicine

“Beneficial information.”
Glenn Bradham

“Absolutely in your best interest.”
David O. Ranz, MD

“Excellent seminar.”
Mitchell K. Schweiser, MD

“Should attend this seminar.”
Chris McClure, Cardiologist

“A great seminar, you should attend.”
Narciso C. Gabot, MD, Psychiatrist

“Please attend.”
Ashok K. Mehta, MD

“Well worth going to this seminar.”
Sam Houston Monan, MD, OB/GYN

“Very useful and educational information.”
Roger C. Stephesen, MD

“Just Attend.”
George Smith, MD

“Very highly recommended.”
Keith Robinson, Internal Medicine

“It is well worth your time to attend.”
Martha Butterfield, MD, Brentwood Allergy/asthma

“You need to attend this seminar.”
Olumine Anlifowoshi, MD

“This is a great seminar.”
Jason Jean, APRN, BC, Nurse Practitioner

“Good seminar to attend.”
Rand Hayes, MD

“Attend this seminar it is a must.”
James E. Seeley, MD

“Highly recommend attending.”
William P. Grebensten, MD

“Good experience, highly recommended.”
Pauline Ehics, MD

“Very useful information.”
David Beaird, General Surgeon

“A must attend seminar.”
Scott D. Bann, MD, Family Physician

“Do it!”
Michael S. Baily, MD

“Informative and well worth your time.”
Steven Urban, MD

“Go to this seminar.”
Michael Baker, Physician

“Excellent program!”
Douglas R Alvey, MD, EM Physician

“This seminar is well worth your time.”
Tom Bartsokas, MD

“Very useful information.”
Paul A Justice Jr , MD

“Do it!”
Jack A. Coleman, Physician, Board of Trustees, Stonecrest Med Center

“Just attend!”
John A. Anderson III, MD

“Excellent seminar on a plan to manage conflict. Very thought provoking.”
G. Wallace Wood, MD, Partner Green Hills, Pediatric Assoc.

“Very compelling, keeps your interest and most of all practical information.”
Jason Mullerix, MD

“Teaches good principals and practical issues.”
Jim McGinley

“The seminar is extremely relevant and full of useful information.”
Frank Gluck, MD, Assoc. Prof Medicine, UT School of Medicine

“Thoroughly enjoyed the information in this seminar.”
Craig McCable,

“Excellent seminar!”
Margaret Brennan, OB/GYN

“Highly recommend attending this seminar.”
Habib Doss, MD

“Just do the seminar!”
John O. Simmons, MD, President/CEO Core, Physicians, UC

“Recommend strongly attending this seminar as well as enrolling your receptionist and your staff.”
F. C. Vallejo, MD, Private Practitioner

“Always a great seminar and full of useful ideas that will make me a better healthcare provider to my patients.”
Thomas E. Sulkowski, MD,Family Physician

“Well worth your time.”
J. Lucius McGehew, MD

“Recommend strongly you attend!”
G. S. McKee, MD
Metro Public Health Dept.

“Good seminar to attend!”
Wayne Westwardland, MD, General Surgeon

“Well worth attending!”
Kenneth Caissie, MD, Anesthesiologist

“The owner ship of the problem was important, If you see it fix it!”
R. M. Roth , Emergency Physician

“Well worth your time to come!”
Jon Hievine, MD

“Attend this seminar for sure!”
Renee Glenn, MD, Psychiatrist

“I would recommend attending this seminar!”
Charlotte Harkvess, Office Manager

“This seminar is essential for current practice environment.”
Jim M. Ferin, MD

“Well worth your time!”
Charles Padget, MD, Anesthesia

“Very worthwhile.”
John Cain, MD, Physician

“Very good information.”
W. D. Hudson, MD

“Would definitely attend, good learning experience.”
Robert M. Wheatly, MD

“Very useful time well spent!”
Mitch Pulleas, MD

“Shows great training of staff and yourself in conflict and how to
resolve the issue.”
Kendall Graham, Neonotologist

“Excellent course! Brings us a skill set that is not a natural thing for many people.”
Glenn Bradham, MD

“Attend it and improve yourself.”
Pravin Chandra Vora, MD

“Definitely thought provoking. Must attend.”
David O. Ranz, MD

“I was intrigued by the assertive statement. It will be useful in interacting.”
Peter T. Geleskie, MD

“Don’t miss this seminar. Definitely worth the time.”
Matt Beuter, MD

“Definitely great idea. Learn communication skills that will be very helpful in effective team work.”
Parham Ghavami, MD

“This seminar was different than usual; kept my attention. Great audience participation.”
Daniel B. Drinnen, MD

“You must GO to this seminar! Aviation based skills has a great model to follow.”
Chris Fletcher, MD

“Must attend. Learn effective assertive statements.”
Jim Johnson, MD

“Make this seminar available for all staff.”
Don Frranklin, MD

“All physicians should attend this seminar and take notes.”
William Morris, MD

“Very informative, educational and interesting. Will teach you how to build effective teams.”
Mohamed Ziauddin, MD

“Excellent seminar. Valuable techniques on how to communicate with staff and encourage their input.”
David Freemon, MD

“Seminar very useful! Learn how to communicate with staff.”
Ed Benny, MD

“Great idea for physicians to attend. Great systems approach.”
Jeff Warren, MD

“Very informative seminar. Great lessons in communicating with staff.”
Karen Duffy, MD

“Very Good! Learn that communicated messages are better than assumed understandings.”
Paul A. Justice, Jr, MD

“Excellent! Must attend. Briefing employees, establishing relationships and level of training skills taught is outstanding.”
Tara Sturdivant, MD

“This seminar is worth attending. Technique of the importance of communication skills a must.”
Andrew Evancho, MD

“Very useful and entertaining! Learn to improve communication skills among new team members.”
Nabil Atalla, MD

“Do it! The best hours you can spend! New techniques to effectively communicate.”
Leon Reuhland, MD

“I would highly recommend it.”
John E. McIntosh, MD

“I would encourage all physicians to attend. The importance of communication is vital.”
Charles Kaelin, MD

“Useful information for improving team skills and avoiding mistakes. Better communication skills are necessary in building effective team approaches.”
Samuel Sell, MD

“Go for it! Create better communication skills among team members to identify and prevent errors.”
Ben High, MD

“Worthwhile, good communication skills is obviously key to safer patients.”
Jane Siegel, MD

“Excellent seminar. I recognize good communication takes practice and an organized approach is essential.”
Gary R. McDonald, MD

“This course was very informative…I will be able to use the skills learned with my co-workers. The speaker was very entertaining…the time went quickly. Good information.”
Catherine Binford, MD
Bowling Green, KY

“Other physicians should go to this seminar, Now! Absolutely outstanding.”
John Adams, MD
Bowling Green, KY

“Strongly recommend attendance – very informative.”
James B. Hunter, MD
Lexington Clinic / GI

“The seminar was full of great information. I would encourage all students to attend.”
Bobby J. Hall MD

“Excellent seminar. Very informative and enjoyable experience.”
John Turrentine, MD

“Highly recommend attending.”
Ranjana Sinaa, MD

“Great information on how to manage patient’s anger and propose a solution.”
Stuart Spalding, MD

“The seminar was very beneficial.”
Kimberly Chapman, MD

“Extremely useful information.”
Mufiz A. Challhan, MD

“Excellent seminar.”
Clay Ferguson, MD

“You will find very useful information for all practices.”
Curtis L. Hedges, MD

“Excellent Course!”
Kent L. Jones, MD

“Very worth your while to attend.”
Joseph W. Wolfe, MD

“Attend! Full of information.”
Brenda Springfield, MD

“An eye opening seminar.”
Samual Badr, MD

“Useful information to promote team work and improve your communications.”
Louis Willy, MD

“Excellent Seminar!”
James H. Smith, MD

“You must go to this seminar.”
Jeff Mann, MD

“Very helpful seminar.”
Ronald Hamia

“Definitely Attend.”
P. Smivantare, MD

“Fantastic information. All Dr’s offices should take this seminar together.”
John Sparrow, MD

“Excellent seminar.”
Jennifer Johnson, MD

“Seminar is full of useful information.”
Tim Hayden, MD

“A ‘Must Come’ seminar.”
R. W. Rhear, MD

“Definitely Attend this seminar.”
Charles W. White, MD

“Attend seminar and implement the information.”
James Eldman, MD

“Seminar is worth your while.”
Kenneth Warren, MD

“Just GO!”
Allie L. Prater, MD

“You should not miss this seminar.”
Pravin Patel, MD

“DO IT.”
Carl Welch, MD

“Seminar is full of valuable tools.”
Salomon Asmar, MD

“Full of ideas.”
S. Reaves Lee, MD

“Seminar was very good and worth my time.”
John Campbell, MD

“Must Go, you will get more information than you can imagine.”
J. Michael Epps, MD

“Highly recommended seminar.”
Hieholas H. Edwards, MD

“Seminar teaches you good people skills that you can use in your practice.”
Jeff Swetnam, MD

“Attend it is worth your time.”
John P. Masterson, MD

“Very good information for your people skills.”
Austin Vihialle, MD

“Excellent seminar.”
Howard J. Chuaag, MD

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