Our Guarantee

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You Will Get Results. Guaranteed.

When your patient safety improvement initiative is complete, you will have:

  • An organizational structure, with trained Project leadership, that takes advantage of the successful lessons learned in other institutions and ensures program success.
  • Leadership development training to ensure your key Project leaders are equipped with the skills to make this a lasting cultural change and not the next “flavor of the month.”
  • A review of current process and patient flow practices to provide improved efficiency, and identify hidden safety and quality issues.
  • Customized, targeted, specific teamwork training based on the review of the current level of teamwork and coordination among your staff.
  • Physicians and staff equipped with practical, proven teamwork and communication skills to reduce errors and improve patient safety.
  • Aviation-based Hardwired Safety ToolsSM that “hardwire” the communication behaviors in daily operations to ensure your staff permanently uses teamwork, communication and coordination to improve performance.
  • Hardwired Safety ToolsSM created in conjunction with your work teams, leveraging the best capabilities of both LifeWings and your organization to create lasting change. (Teamwork between both external and internal expertise.)
  • Staff capable of conducting their own Hardwired Safety ToolsSM workshops for future system performance improvements without further assistance from LifeWings Partners.
  • Coaching to lock-in skill improvements and ensure the Hardwired Safety ToolsSM are being used correctly and providing desired results.
  • Comprehensive measurement programs, aligned with your measurement methodology, to document results, determine ROI, and prove the effectiveness of the training initiative.
  • Fewer patient-harming errors and therefore reduced costs.
  • A significant return on investment that continues year over year.

Using this approach, we are so sure that your organization will reach your goals that we offer this guarantee:

If you do not realize the desired results at the end of the Project, and if you have implemented all of the recommended Hardwired Safety ToolsSM, LifeWings Partners, LLC will continue to work with you, at no additional cost, until those results are achieved.

Steve Harden,

LifeWings CEO


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