LifeWings Provides a Comprehensive Suite of Healthcare Process Improvement Services

Lean + TeamSTEPPS

CRM for Hospitals and Medical ClinicsWe blend all of the elements of TeamSTEPPS plus Toyota Lean process improvement into one united effort; one that provides administrator,physician, and nursing engagement and support of standardized work at the outset, and sustained results.
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TeamSTEPPS Training

crmDon’t waste resources and blow your chance to make your team better. Benefit from our proven experience helping hospitals make their programs successful, our comprehensive services (including TeamSTEPPS for the ER and High Risk Procedures), and our dynamic, master trainers. We also provide TeamSTEPPS Certification Training.

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Crew Resource Management Training

patient-safetyWe pioneered the use of CRM in health care settings. Learn how we can help your staff apply the proven fundamentals used by the world’s most successful high reliability organizations, to improve your service delivery and bottom line.

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Simulation Training

Simulation Training for HospitalsTo accomplish our mission of saving lives and improving our clients’¬†profitability, we are constantly improving our programs. One of the most exciting improvements in our practice is the use of simulation to reinforce our programs.

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One Day Needs Assessment

needsGuarantee the success of your improvement program and uncover the root cause of your areas of risk with the LifeWings needs assessment and analysis.


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Disruptive Behavior

disruptWhy not manage the problem and avoid responding to a crisis? Physicians and other clinicians with these behaviors are difficult to deal with; give them the benefit of the doubt, and the behavior continues.

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CRM for Dentistry

dentistProactive dental offices are improving safety, efficiency, and profitability by using a detailed checklist protocol. This is the same system professional pilots have used for years use to forestall human error. The checklist system significantly reduced airline mishaps, they will do the same for your practice.

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Health Care Speakers

Speakers for Medical Conferences and Hospital MeetingsOur speakers are known industry-wide for greatly increasing the value of any event. Your audience will leave inspired, motivated, and speaking highly of your event. If your medical team, organization, or facility is having an event – get one of our professional speakers to make it meaningful and memorable.

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