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LifeWings CRM Healthcare Training: Get Guaranteed Results


  • Recruiting Physician Champions and Partners:

    Does your organization struggle to get physician buy-in and partnershipfor your safety and quality initiatives designed to improve Patient Safety? Let LifeWings show you how to overcome this barrier to success with our acclaimed 3-hour workshop. More

  • Creating and Implementing Hardwired Safety ToolsSM:

    Wondering how to permanently sustain the gain you get from your initiative to improve Patient Safety? This three-day workshop is critical to the long-term success of your program. LifeWings shows you how to create and implement safety tools such as checklists, communication scripts, handoff tools, briefing guides, protocols, and standard operating procedures. More

  • Sustainability Workshop:

    Are you ready for the “dip?” Every project implemented to improve Patient Safety has one – the time where it looks like momentum has stopped, and the organization may even be sliding backwards. This workshop will show how to overcome the change initiative dip and hardwire your organization for true, sustainable culture change to improve Patient Safety forever. More

  • Teamwork Skills Workshops:

    Have you already identified teamwork, communication and collaboration as the root causes of your patient-harming errors? LifeWings Teamwork Skills Workshops will provide your care-givers with exactly the behaviors and tools they need to overcome the teamwork mistakes that lead to patient-harming errors. More

  • Leadership Skills and Implementation Workshop:

    Make sure your Patient Safety Improvement project leadership team has the tools and change management skills necessary to successfully lead the project and create a permanent organizational change. This is the workshop that health care leaders rave about. More

  • LifeWings® Patient Safety System:

    Want a complete turnkey consulting package that will successfully implement a program to improve Patient Safety and create for you an internal expertise to implement Patient Safety improvement initiatives anywhere at any time? LifeWings can do it all – from A to Z – and teach your trainers how to do it too. Results are guaranteed. See why 90% of our clients choose this path. More

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