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Improve Your Dental Practice Safety with Our Proven Crew Resource Management Program

Proactive dental offices are improving safety, efficiency, and profitability by using a detailed checklist protocol. This is the same system professional pilots have used for years use to forestall human error. The checklist system significantly reduced airline mishaps, they will do the same for your practice.

Why do checklists work in both aviation and dentistry?

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Both professions rely on teamwork and attention to detail. And both have serious consequences, potentially even death, as a result of human error.

The dental checklist system is used to failsafe personnel, equipment and processes. It helps people catch errors in the standardized processes used in your practice. One unchecked error can snowball into a catastrophe, especially if your office uses conscious sedation. Trapping even a single error, not only prevents catastrophe and stops lawsuits, but also improves operational efficiency.

    • Dr. Atul Gawande, with the Harvard School of Public Health, established a groundbreaking surgical safety checklist.
    • Peer-reviewed research on the effectiveness of this checklist has shown the system cut death rates by as much as half.
    • Complications resulting from surgery were reduced by approximately 33%.
    • This is a win-win proposition for hospitals and dental offices, as reducing complications will enhance the bottom line of both.


LifeWings Tools for Your Practice

Improve Your Practice with the Checklist Package


These critically important checklists come to you in Microsoft PowerPoint for easy editing and revision for customization to your practice.

The package also has educational materials on how to use checklists effectively, and how to modify the checklists to work best for your office staff and dental practice.

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Improve Your Bottom Line and Patient Safety with the Silver Package


Receive all of the tested proven to work checklists in the Basic Package plus…

One hour of telephonic coaching from LifeWings CEO Steve Harden on how to modify, train your staff, and use the checklists.

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The Gold package includes everything in the Basic Package plus…

An on-site training and installation visit.

With this package one of our expert CRM coaches will come to your facility and provide four hours of teamwork, communication, and checklist training for your entire staff. The last two hours of training is devoted to customizing your checklists and then training your staff to use them effectively.

You also receive an hour of telephonic coaching follow-up to ensure your checklist installation is successful.

* The fee for this is $1249 plus travel.


Two dentist-pilots and a dental professor have spearheaded the dental checklist system. They created checklist that standardizes dental procedures optimally for pre-emptive error discovery.

The checklist is categorized into five typical timeframes:

  • Appointment summarization
  • Prior to procedure
  • During procedure
  • Prior to patient release
  • Following patient release

Dental checklists vary from practice to practice, as each office team adapts and revises the checklist to fit their office procedures and culture. The customized, office-specific checklist establishes standard, optimum protocols. Early error detection through checklists will prevent harmful mistakes in a dentist’s office, as it already has for decades in aviation, and more recently in Hospitals around the world.


One of the best methods of using a checklist system in dental offices is with checklist slider boards from the Checklist Board Corporation. These checklists are printed on an acrylic board with your customized checklist and corresponding sliders. Each step must be verified prior to each slider being physically moved from red to green to complete the checklist. In addition, there is a section on the board for additional notes. The board can be mounted to a wall or door, portable models are also available.

The advantages of these checklist boards are:

  • Creates team engagement –  as attention is focused on a single place for verification of process;
  • Provides a strong visual cue to begin the cross-check process;
  • Creates mindfulness and attention to detail as each team member can see an instant visual indicator of checklist completion;
  • Engages the senses through the use of color (green for Go, red for Stop);and an audible clicking sound as the slider is moved;
  • Proactively eliminates error and improves efficiency; and
  • Can be mentioned in your dental marketing as a patient benefit.




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