Lean TeamSTEPPS Solution

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Using TeamSTEPPS we implement standard handoffs, time outs checklists, protocols, and scripts, to create high performing, accountable organizations. With our training, your teams communicate freely, fluidly, and transcend traditional silos.

1. LifeWings blends all of the elements of TeamSTEPPS plus Toyota Lean process improvement into one united effort‐‐ one that provides administrator, physician, and nursing engagement and support of standardized work at the outset, and sustained results over time.
2. We build an operationally enhanced patient experience by using Lean to create standard practices for improved on‐time starts, optimized patient flow, and patient and procedure room readiness. We also create fully balanced staffing, scheduling, and surgical or procedure block times. Result? Quality, safety, and cost effectiveness. But, it doesn’t matter how efficient these standardized practices are, if staff don’t, or won’t, use them.
3. To ensure accountability, LifeWings changes your culture through training to ensure every member of the team can make a stop‐the‐line assertive statement, communicate without error, and collaborate like an expert team.

Results of LifeWings Programs

Our guarantee is that when the engagement ends your staff will have the knowledge to create new safety tools and standardized work on their own, and more importantly, is able to train fellow staff members on how to create, implement, and use new tools for lifelong improvements.

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