One-Day Needs Assessment

New! Guarantee the Success of Your Improvement Program and Uncover the Root Cause of Your Areas of Risk With The Hospital Needs Assessment and Analysis

Get Objective Information on Your Potential Areas of Risk and Your Likelihood of Improving with a Structured Program

Have you ever wondered why your facility can’t seem to improve quality and patient safety initiative scores? Asking people to “try harder or do better” has never fixed the root cause of what’s keeping your institution from excelling in quality and patient safety. More than 90% of adverse outcomes, sentinel events and claims have a breakdown in communication component. This means that all of the incidents were preventable had staff and physicians used standardized communication and teamwork skills.  

Observation and assessment by an experienced third party consultant will yield valuable insigh ts into the culture of your organization.

assess2You’ll learn how your staff and physicians communicate with each other and function as a team when caring for patients. You’ll also learn how LifeWings customizes their training program to address your institution’s unique problems so that your patient safety initiatives yield higher scores along with greater patient and staff satisfaction. The one-day assessment will be done on a single hospital unit and will include (but is not limited to):

  • A review of hospital and specific unit quality/patient safety dashboard, including scores (provided before the actual visit).
  • Observation of processes and systems used to implement core measure and safety initiative compliance. Specifically looking for how information is communicated; tools used and ease of use; evidence based practice; variation; teamwork culture.
  • Brief written report outlining areas of concern and how LifeWings training will improve scores in deficient areas resulting in better patient outcomes and increased revenue.
  • Communication with LifeWings trainers (if hospital contract is obtained) regarding areas needing further risk assessment and areas of focus for hardwired tools development. Evidence based guidelines will be provided, if needed by LifeWings.

A needs analysis and assessment will help your hospital understand why they have not been able to improve dashboard scores and their financial bottom line. In addition, they will learn how LifeWings training will target the areas of deficiency to improve those scores and the bottom line.

Kelly Rinehart

The LifeWings Needs Assessment is Conducted by a Leading Expert in Clinical Risk Management

These valuable assessments, that will help your hospital optimize your improvement efforts and protect your investment, are conducted by one of the country’s leading experts in risk assessment and management. Kelly Rinehart has extensive experience working directly with physicians, nurses, administrators and other medical staff, in both the acute care and ambulatory setting, to improve patient safety and increase efficiency. Her work has consisted of comprehensive risk assessments to determine process improvement opportunities, coaching and team building, and developing and implementing safety tools into the workplace. Learn more about Kelly.

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