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medical simulation training

Medical Simulation Training for Patient Safety Improvements

To accomplish our mission of saving lives and improving our clients’ profitability, we are constantly improving our patient safety programs. One of the most exciting improvements in our practice is the use of simulation, or in situ training, to reinforce our programs.

Why In Situ Training Works

True culture change that is both sustainable and able to produce permanent improvements in patient outcomes requires your physicians and staff to leave training immediately ready to implement what they have learned. In-situ simulation training allows your healthcare teams to practice their teamwork and communication skills in a realistic setting with high fidelity to their actual work environment. Simulation provides the ultimate in “real world” practice and reinforcement opportunities during training. To deliver a more permanent and sustainable culture change to our clients, we are partnering with national leaders in healthcare simulation training. By partnering with the industry leaders in simulation training, LifeWings brings your organization the most comprehensive and effective patient safety improvement program.

A Comprehensive Solution with An Industry Leader

Simulation Training for HospitalsOur partner, Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC),

is a healthcare performance improvement company, advancing clinical quality and patient safety. Endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA), MSC’s Advanced Clinical Quality Solutions solve hospitals’ and healthcare systems’ most costly and complex challenges, like sepsis. MSC’s Advanced Clinical Quality Solutions enable multi-disciplinary healthcare team performance improvement through simulation-based immersive learning and clinical assessment across a wide range of hospital clinical areas, with a focus on standardizing care delivery and creating clinical and cost control results.

>> Read about our simulation work with St. Francis and MSC.

MSC’s simulation-based advanced clinical quality solutions complement the LifeWings® training program. Working with your team we can develop a custom suite of courses to accomplish your goals. Examples of MSC solutions include:

  • Sepsis Quality Solution
  • Stroke Quality Solution
  • Heart Failure Quality Solution
  • Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Prevention Quality Solution
  • Venous Thromboembolism Quality Solution
  • Moderate Sedation Quality Solution
  • Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Quality Solution

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