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COVID-19 Resources

6 Critical Fatigue Countermeasures to Implement in a Crisis Learn from two healthcare experts what you must do to protect your frontline clinical staff from the effects of fatigue in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Capt. Stephen W. Harden, LifeWings' Founder and former CEO with over 30 years’ experience in implementing, teaching, and using fatigue countermeasure programs, and Cheryl Wild-Norvel, CNO at Broward Health Coral Springs, discuss 6 critical countermeasures leaders must take now to preserve their most important resources - their physicians and staff. Michael leans heavily on his experience as a professional pilot in describing best practices, and Cheryl adds what she has learned in this crisis about fatigue and productivity, staffing ratios, morale, and repurposing staff. Together, they discuss the importance of: 1. Acting as if fatigue really matters - what the evidence base reveals about the impact of fatigue on safe, high-quality patient care 2. Implementing fatigue management policies 3. Providing effective fatigue countermeasures training and education to caregivers 4. Best practices in managing duty times 5. Quick wins - Implementing low-cost fatigue countermeasures 6. Tracking costs and determining the ROI They also take questions from the participants in the webinar and discuss the importance of: 1. The impact of fatigue on productivity 2. Why and how staffing ratios change in a crisis 3. The emotional impact of fatigue in a crisis 4. tips on managing morale with a fatigued staff 5. Repurposing staff For other free resources about leading in the COVID-19 crisis visit
6 Critical Fatigue Countermeasures to Ta
6 Critical Fatigue Countermeasures to Take in this Crisis
Don't Squander Your Most Important Resources During a Crisis
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How to Make Your Own Face Shields
5 Things Great Leaders Do in a Crisis-1.
Leadership in Times of Crisis:
5 Things Great Leaders Do in a Time of Crisis
No Margin No Mission_ How to maintain fi
No Margin No Mission
Financial Health During COVID-19 Pandemic
7 Tips to Improve Your Corona Virus Emergency Response
7 Ways to Protect Finances in the Pandem
7 Tips for Managing Financial Health During the Pandemic
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5 Things Great Leaders Do in a Crisis
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