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Develop Your Leaders and Hire the Right Staff

Join the thousands of organizations around the world who coach their leaders to become high performers and hire staff that fit their culture using the Judgment Index™

Schedule a 20 minute no-pressure diagnostic call

now to see if your organization would benefit by using the Judgment Index

to develop leaders and hire for fit.

Develop great leaders

Improve performance with customized training and coaching driven by scientific assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes

Strengthen your culture by   hiring new staff that fit the profile of your best team members.

Coach difficult physicians

Change behavior with customized coaching driven by scientific assessment.

How it Works

LifeWings uses the The Judgment Index™ to scientifically assess judgment in personal relationships, task management, and strategic thinking.


The prestigious Nobel Prize nomination was received for the life’s work of the creator of the assessment tool that has been validated in over 30 individual studies.


Careful monitoring and validation for 40+ years make the Judgment Index™ the most scientific, mathematical and logically-based instrument in the world.

Take a short scientific assessment

The assessment requires less than 20 minutes

Discuss the results with certified coach

Scientifically uncover strengths and weaknesses. Understand the performance gaps and map out the coaching plan to close them.

Improve performance with a customized coaching plan

Close identified performance gaps with one-on-one coaching and mentoring from LifeWings experienced coaches.

What’s My Investment?

What is it costing you to continue to live with an ineffective leaders that can’t move your organization to the next level in term of patient safety, quality, and cost efficiency?


What is the cost of a difficult physician leader that creates a toxic work environment and drives off good staff?


What does it cost to make a hiring mistake?


Judgment Index assessments and consultations conducted by LifeWings are $497 per person.

The fee for Leadership Coaching & Mentoring varies based on the depth of coaching needed and is typically $6000 for a six-month engagement.


 The fee for applicant assessment varies based the size of the organization

and is typically $4,000 plus $50 per applicant.

Invest $50 to avoid spending $25,000

to replace the nurse you shouldn’t have hired.

“I have personally taken the Judgment Index assessment and applied it to my life. Honestly, I was very skeptical at first. But the results floored me.


The Judgment Index was the most accurate assessment of my strengths and weaknesses I have ever taken, and I’ve taken them all.


It was like having a spotlight shined on my innermost being. I immediately became certified to administer and use the assessment tool in our work with healthcare organizations.


What I learned from using The Judgment Index has changed me, it has changed LifeWings, and it will change you and your organization.

Steve Harden

CEO & founder

LifeWings Partners, LLC

Schedule a no-hassle, no pressure consultation today

And I will explain how the Judgment Index will change your life and your organization.

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