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TeamSTEPPS Patient Safety Systems

LifeWings TeamSTEPPS® Gold Patient Safety Systems

Get a complete turnkey consulting package that will show you how to successfully implement TeamSTEPPS® in three departments of your organization AND also create for you an internal expertise to implement TeamSTEPPS® in any department or unit at any time.

LifeWings can do it all – from A to Z – while we teach your trainers how to do it too. Results are guaranteed.


You get:

  • TeamSTEPPS® Leadership Skills and Implementation Workshop

    Equips your executive team and managers with the tools and change management skills to internally lead the TeamSTEPPS® project. Create a permanent organizational change. Includes a presentation to physicians, executives, and departmental leadership; Leadership Development Institute; safety climate surveys; and on-going program coaching.

  • Customized Skills-Based TeamSTEPPS® Skills Training

    On-site assessment(s) allow LifeWings to customize TeamSTEPPS® Skills Workshops that ensure the training targets specific and needed culture changing behaviors. Your organization will receive the training they need to meet your specific goals and objectives, avoiding wasted time and effort.

  • Site-specific TeamSTEPPS® Hardwired Safety ToolsSM (HST)

    Using Lean methods, LifeWings HST Workshops produce key operating systems that rapidly improve and sustain the teamwork between physicians, staff, their talent, and productivity.

  • TeamSTEPPS® Data Collection and Analysis

    Our TeamSTEPPS® coaches work with your stakeholders to determine the outcome measures that will document the improvements you are seeking and to develop the plan to obtain meaningful data about your program results.

  • TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Qualification Workshop

    Our intensive, week-long Train-the-Trainer Program will qualify your personnel to conduct the industry-leading LifeWings TeamSTEPPS® Plus Patient Safety Program. Your organization will develop an internal capability to sustain improvements – making you the owner the TeamSTEPPS®methodology and skills, not just the renter.

Contact LifeWings

Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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