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Make Exhaustive Patient Safety Checklists for Breakthroughs

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

When you "hit the wall" in your patient safety project, or when the work you're doing is just not good enough to get the results you want, make an exhaustive list to help you get innovative and BREAK THROUGH THE WALL.

Here are some examples of what I mean...

  • Every complaint someone has raised about your project

  • Every method you can use to publicize what you've accomplished so far

  • Every time your project and the behaviors needed for success has ever been rejected and what it has cost your patients

  • Every successful project like this that you've ever heard about, and why it was successful

  • Every person you know who might help you reach the person on your staff on in your unit who can help you make this a success

  • Every reason your current project might not work

  • Every person you've ever met who would be perfect for helping make this a success

  • Every person who deserves a thank you note for supporting you in making your patient safety project a success

  • Every reason you can think of for staff to use the tools or processes you've created for safety

  • Every successful patient safety initiative within your city

The challenge of every is that it's exhausting. You have to go to the edges, and that act, the act of going beyond the obvious, is where innovation lies. the problem of course is that most of us are not willing to spend the time and effort to go there. But your patients deserve it.

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