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Stop UnKind Cuts with Hospital Safety Checklist Improvement

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

...the number of times a week a surgical team leaves a foreign object such as a sponge or towel inside a patient's body after surgery.

...the number of times a week a surgical team performs the wrong procedure on a patient.

...the number of time a week a surgical team operates on the wrong site.

This surgical safety checklists tool will tell you exactly where your checklist design and execution needs to be improved.

Here are some questions this tool will help you answer about the checklists you use in your organization:

  1. Who should design the checklists you’re using?

  2. How many items should be on your checklist?

  3. Should checklists be done from memory?

  4. Who should lead or run the checklist?

  5. How many team members should have a speaking part on your checklist?

  6. How can you get more engagement and mindfulness on your checklist?

  7. How scripted should you make the checklist language?

  8. Should you have tick boxes on your checklist?

Answer these and other questions to find out if your checklist is really effective at preventing patient harm.

Do it today—your patients’ lives depend on it.

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