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Use Telehealth to Help Protect Your Hospital's Finances

Expanding your telehealth patient care services is an effective way to protect your hospital's financial health in the COVID-19 Crisis. Here are four payers that have expanded their telehealth coverage.

  1. Aetna waived cost-sharing through June 4 on 27 covered telehealth visits for all diagnoses for in-network providers through Teladoc. Click here to view the 27 covered visits and their codes.

  2. Cigna will allow providers to bill standard in-person visits for all telehealth visits through May 31. Click here to view the 28 covered visits and their codes.

  3. UnitedHealthcare will reimburse claims for telehealth services for service dates from March 18 until June 18. Click here to view the 48 covered visits and their codes.

  4. Humana will reimburse services delivered via telehealth through the duration of the public health emergency. Click here to view some of the 150-plus covered visits and their codes.

Also, the FCC will allocate $200 million to equip healthcare providers with telehealth technology and implementation support. healthcare organizations can apply for up to $1 million through the program to cover costs for internet-connected monitoring devices, broadband connectivity, and telecommunication services.

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