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Improve Patient Safety in ICU with LeanSTEPPS

Eliminate sentinel events & patient harm, reduce nursing turnover, and improve the culture of safety with Lean + TeamSTEPPS

Learn how your Intensive Care Unit can improve patient safety results like these:

Eliminate sentinel events & patient harm

Reduce nursing turnover

Improve the culture of safety

“Prior to the LifeWings TeamSTEPPS program the hospital had a difficult time recruiting nurses, but now that the culture has improved, nurses are anxious to join us.”

Dr. Daniel R. Hoffman, MD

Administrative Medical Director

Good Samaritan Regional Health Center

and SSM Healthcare

“Our skills are better. The removal of hierarchies has enabled us all to focus on the service we are providing.

Not having to worry about being reprimanded for speaking up about a potential issue has put all of us on the same page.”

Physician Leader

Perinatal Risk Reduction Committee

Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Download an article describing how the leadership team in Intensive Care Units learned how to successfully implement  Lean + TeamSTEPPS/CRM

Read how the leaders...

Eliminated sentinel events


Decreased their serious event rate


Reduced nursing turnover


Made huge improvements in their safety climate surveys

Data from the LifeWings Implementation at
St. Mary’s Good Samaritan ICUs
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