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Track Your Performance Improvement in Healthcare

TeamSTEPPS Project

Data Collection to Improve

Quality Patient Care

Document Your Success From Your TeamSTEPPS Project

Learn how to create an effective TeamSTEPPS Project Measurement Plan using data you already collect.


Our 2- hour workshop can be conducted on-site or via webinar. In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Apply Kirkpatrick’s model of the four levels of measurement

  • Identify the key TeamSTEPPS outcomes desired by your organization’s stake holders

  • Transform the desired outcomes to quantifiable measures

  • Apply the AHRQ Safety Climate survey results to your measurement plan

  • Use direct observational studies

  • Benchmark and learn from other organizations’ successful measurement plans

  • Create a measurement dashboard for your TeamSTEPPS leadership team.

Contact LifeWings

Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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