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TeamSTEPPS Sustainment

TeamSTEPPS Sustainment Workshop

Be ready for the “dip” – the time in your TeamSTEPPS® project when it looks like momentum has stopped, and the organization may be sliding backwards. Our sustainability workshop will show how to overcome the TeamSTEPPS dip and hardwire your organization for true, sustainable culture change.


The 3-hour workshop can be conducted on-site or via webinar. Participants will learn how to embed TeamSTEPPS skills and behaviors into:

  • Annual performance reviews

  • Recruiting Criteria

  • Hiring/interviewing systems

  • On-boarding/new hire training and orientation

  • Preceptor programs/mentoring

  • Job descriptions

  • Departmental policies

  • Annual refresher training/In service

  • Re-credentialing activities

  • Med Exec structure.


As an added bonus participants will learn how to embed support for the TeamSTEPPS® program into:

  • All executive, manager, and leader assessment systems and compensation plans

  • Periodic leader coaching tools and systems

  • Executive and manager job descriptions.


Ensure your TeamSTEPPS program becomes a permanent part of your operational culture by scheduling this workshop today.

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Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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