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Testimonial for Patient Safety Improvement Program
“The organization & presentation were excellent at the LDI. The program helped me focus…focus…focus! Because of the LDI, I believe all things are possible.”

Francis A. Bartek
OBGYN Dept. Chair Person
Community Health Partners

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Dr. Review of Patient Safety Improvement Program
“I feel equipped in ways that I did not even know I had weaknesses. Humbling.”

John Stewart, MD,
Stewart Family Health

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RN Review of Patient Safety Improvement Program.
“Things are going great here. The LifeWings® program changed the culture in a thinking mode of if you find it fix it. We have staff working to develop tools almost weekly for any issue we define as a problem. As for measurable outcomes, we do a procedure brief 100% of the time, we have caught allergies etc. in the time out process we have prior to procedure. We have tools that identify problems before they occur.”

Jennifer S. Cord RN MSN
Director Women’s Services
Provena United Samaritans Medical Center

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