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LifeWings Patient Safety Newsletter

Every free patient safety newsletter is packed with practical, proven patient safety tips and ideas on how to successfully implement and sustain a successful patient safety improvement program.

Don’t Squander Your Most
Important Resource: 6 Critical Fatigue Countermeasures to Take in this Crisis
Don't Squander Your Most Important Resources During a Crisis
Leadership in Times of Crisis:
5 Things Great Leaders Do in a Time of Crisis
5 Things Great Leaders Do in a Crisis
How to Make Your Own Face Shields
No Margin No Mission
Financial Health During COVID-19 Pandemic
7 Tips for Managing Financial Health During the Pandemic
7 Way to Improve Your Corona Virus Emergency Response
How Your Patients Can Help You Stop Medical Errors
Why We Can't Stop 3 out of 5 Maternal Deaths
What Healthcare Must Learn from the 737 MAX 
A Surprisingly Simple Way to Improve Anything
Stop Disruptive Staff from Wrecking Your Culture
Cost Free Ways to Make Your Organization Better in 2018
Who Wants to Stop Bullying in Healthcare?
Bad Meetings = Bad Results
How to Avoid a $135,000 Patient Safety Mistake
Warning- The Quality Improvement Tactic that Once Worked
Patients are still Dying
Every process is the perfect process if you don’t measure it
Four Ridiculously Simple Steps to Ensure Sustainable Performance Improvements
Three things you must know about a Wildly Important Goal
Why you must insist that your patients use checklists too
These Three Tips for Improving Your Checklists are Almost Too Easy
Five Magic Phrases to Get More Executive Support
Over 50% of Your Staff Will Not Speak Up for Patient Safety
An Amazingly Simple Checklist for Successful Change
Will your Project Succeed
The Surprising Truth About Health Care Checklists
Ebola- 5 Timeless Lessons Learned from the Many Mistakes
8 Tips about Getting Your Staff to Speak Up
5 Lessona about Patient Safety Smart Leaders can Learn from the Super Bowl Teams
Two Free Patient Safety Resources Every Hospital Must Have
The Two Biggest Barriers to Patient Safety Today
They Laughed When I Said Patient Safety Meetings Should Only be 50 minutes
This Magic Word Improves Staff Compliance with Processes
The Secret Reason You Must Turn Off Your Cell Phone on an Airliner
Buy-In- Five Secrets to Getting the Compliance
At Some Point, It Will Fail
3 Little-Known Ways to get Physician Engagement
Three Patient Safety Statistics You Need to Know To Avoid Utter Burnout in 2015
Research Reveals a Shockingly Simple Tool to get Staff to Speak Up
Study Says Checklists don’t Work
The Most Important Patient Safety Action to take in 2014
4 Critical Lessons Healthcare can learn from the Crash in San Francisco
7 Simple Steps to Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Do You Make Any of These Five Embarrassing Mistakes with Your Checklists
The Real Secret to Getting Physician Buy-in for Your Safety Initiative
Five Critical Questions Everyone Asks About Debriefing
Facts Tell, Stories Sell
Three Questions TOPGUN Pilots Ask Every Day
How a $5 Sign Can Reduce Medication Mistakes by Two-Thirds
How to Harness the Power of Rewards
Twenty-five Percent of Your Nurses Will Quit This Year
Why Your Staff Doesn’t Think You Are Serious
7 and 1/2 Tactics To Turbo-Charge Your Checklist
Telling is Not Training
Three Tips to Expertly Handle Bomb-Throwers, Obstructionists
Three Sure-Fire Steps for a Successful Start to Your Change Initiative
Make Sounds Come Out of Their Mouths
Why the Universal Protocol Hasn’t Eradicated Patient Harm
Change Is Possible
The True Gifts of Your Work
Are You Ready for Value Based Purchasing?
A Just Response
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