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Radiation Safety Measures with LeanSTEPPS

Reduce near misses, eliminate major treatment deviations, and increase volume without increasing staff with

Lean + TeamSTEPPS

Eliminate major

treatment deviations

Reduce near misses

Increase volume without

Increasing staff

“Our safety record has improved. Since implementing LifeWings, our current patient treatment setup and delivery process has eliminated all treatment deviations.”

Srinath Sundararaman MD, MS

Memorial Cancer Institute

“We have increased our efficiency (and profitability); our 2012 units of service were up 11.3% over 2009 levels with the same staffing level.”

Angela E. Babbo MD

Radiology Associates of Hollywood,

Pembroke Pines, FL

Download an article describing how the leadership team in a Radiation Oncology unit learned how to successfully implement Lean + TeamSTEPPS/CRM

Read how the leaders...

Eliminated major treatment deviations


Reduced the near miss event rate


Improved patient volume without increasing staffing levels

Data from the LifeWings Implementation
at Memorial Cancer Institute
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