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Keynote Healthcare Speakers

You Can Have a Nationally Recognized Keynote Healthcare Speaker at Your Event

LifeWings’ Speakers provide inspiring, exciting, useful, and up-to-the-moment presentations for healthcare organizations around the world. We have delighted and empowered health care professionals with our presentations for more than 20 years. Working with LifeWings means you are assured to dramatically improve the value of your event. Our healthcare quality experts and thought leaders are sought-after for their industry expertise and experience, and their top-notch presentation skills.

Steve Harden

As a pioneer in the application of aviation’s best practices to improve patient safety, Steve has developed a national reputation for his insight and experience in helping health care institutions.

Rhea Headshot.jpeg
Rhea Seddon

Dr.Rhea Seddon is a renowned speaker, Astronaut, and author of Go For Orbit, a memoir about her adventures spending 30 days in space aboard the Space Shuttle.  She is also a former surgeon, healthcare executive, and entrepreneur.  Dr. Seddon speaks to audiences of all kinds on the topics of teamwork, leadership, and taking advantage of opportunities.  To arrange a speaking engagement, visit

Steve Montague

Steve’s engaging presentations will leave your audience inspired and enthusiastic. His energetic personality resonates with executives, physicians, and staff as he communicates actionable ideas.

Korky von Kessel

Korky has over 25 years of experience in aviation and a vast amount of experience in CRM-based patient safety programs, he can provide your group an exciting and valuable program.

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Get Feedback Like This For Your Event...

“..this is the highest rated session we’ve ever sponsored.”
American College of Surgeons

“I was so moved, not only emotionally, but also moved in my conscience to do something more than just sit and listen. Your presentation motivated me to share these strategies with all of my colleagues. I can only hope to speak as brilliantly as you. Thank you for not only challenging me to act, but for equipping me with the tools to make a meaningful contribution to patient safety.”
2009 AST Annual Conference attendee

“All of the attendees were very motivated by your presentation. One of the best sessions they say we’ve had in the 4 years we’ve been having these retreats.”

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

Who We Inspire


LifeWings speakers work with many different kinds of health care organizations so we are able to inspire and excite diverse audiences and groups.


Following are a just a few examples of the types of organizations we have worked with recently:

  • Hospitals and health care associations

  • Community medical teams and surgeons’ groups

  • Health care conference organizers, High-reliability organizations


We often customize our presentations for the most impact, but our objectives are always the same: to educate; illuminate; inspire; empower; and please your audience!


Following are some examples of recent presentations we have provided:

  • Soaring Over the Culture Chasm: Unlocking the leadership secrets needed to implement sustainable culture change

  • Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Safety In Perioperative Services

  • Was It Really A Miracle – Important Patient Safety Lessons Learned from the Ditching of US Airways Flight 1549

  • Creating a Culture of Safety: Lessons Learned from High Reliability Organizations

Learn More About Reserving A Speaker for Your Event!

Would you like to get some ideas for exciting, impactful presentations at your upcoming event? Let us know how to reach you and one of our professional speakers will contact you to learn more.

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