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Reduce Medical Errors with Surgical Safety from LeanSTEPPS

Stop patient harm, fix your broken culture, and keep your best staff in the operating room with

Lean + TeamSTEPPS.



Improve Safety Climate Survey Scores



“Our results to date have been remarkable. We have met all of our goals, and it is sustaining. The net result is that our patients are safer and our employees are happier and more engaged.


We would absolutely do this program again, and actually, we are in the process of expanding the program system wide in all six Piedmont facilities.”



Richard Tanzella

Vice President of Operations

Piedmont Heart

Atlanta, GA

"The most remarkable result of the LifeWings program is that when new staff and travelers come to our OR, they actively comment that the culture and communications here are better than any place they have ever worked.


I guarantee that this is the result of the LifeWings program."


John Russell, MD

Chairman of the Department of Surgery University of New Mexico Hospital


Learn how a leadership team implemented Perioperative Safety through formal

Lean + TeamSTEPPS / CRM training and surgical safety checklists.

Read how the leaders...

Eliminated serious safety events

Reduced nursing turnover to 3%

Made massive improvements in the safety climate surveys

Patient Safety Data from the LifeWings implementation in various Perioperative surgical departments
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