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We prepare physicians to be effective leaders capable of improving and sustaining organizational performance

Join the physicians nationwide who are getting the skills to become better leaders

that create better organizations

to provide better care

Schedule a call today to see if your hospital, practice, medical association, or hospital association would benefit


Get off the Hamster Wheel

Stop wasting your time with “Flavor-of-the-Month” change initiatives. Learn exactly what to do and how to do it to improve and sustain safety, quality and/or efficiency.

Learn by Doing

Get one-on-one and group coaching from leadership experts and learn by doing as you lead an improvement project in your organization.

Get Official Recognition

The LifeWings Leadership Lab provides official recognition that you’ve earned new leadership skills and demonstrated the ability to effectively lead a change initiative. Earn 30 hours of CME.

How the Leadership Lab Works

Choose an Improvement Project

Use what you learn in the lab to improve performance in your current organization. Get personalized coaching along the way.

Get Leadership Skills Training from Experts

Participate in 2 live workshops and 3 webinars packed with experiential training to equip with the skills to complete your improvement project.

Create a Customized Coaching Plan

Take the Judgment Index assessment to learn about your leadership strengths and weaknesses. Develop your own personal growth plan based on the results.

What’s The Investment?



Per physician (10 physician minimum)

Exclusive of travel expenses

Fees may be significantly reduced with grant funding from foundations.

Schedule a call to see if your organization may qualify.

What Physicians Are Saying about the Leadership Lab

"With each new skill I learned, I kept saying to myself, 'So that's why the project I led last year didn't work.' The skills I learned were very valuable, and enabled me to lead a project this year that dramatically improved one of our core measures and our patient satisfaction. I strongly recommend this lab to any physician who wants to improve care."

-Heather Rupe, MD

"This Leadership Lab gave me the skills and tools to take a seat at the leadership table. If this Lab can work for a radiologist that likes to stay in the reading room and read films, it can work for any physician. I strongly recommend it. "

-Ina Radtke, MD

"I wanted to learn leadership skills to advance my career, and successfully lead new projects. With the skills I learned in the Leadership Lab, I was able lead a project that increased staff retention from 49% to 93%. This made a huge impact on our clinic and staff and created a great work environment. I would strongly recommend this curriculum to any physician."

- Parul Goyal, DMD

What Sort of Changes are Leadership Lab Graduates Making?
Decrease in Patient Wait Times
Improved Nurse Retention
Increase in Skin-to-Skin Contact for Newborns
Screenshot 2018-11-16 14.00.52.png
Improved Nurse Satisfaction

Roadmap to Creating Sustainable Change in your Organization

Download this free resource

(This is a simple but comprehensive checklist for the action steps leaders must take to create sustainable performance improvements in their organization. It will give you a preview of what you’ll learn in the Leadership Lab. )

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