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Patient Safety in Mental Health with LeanSTEPPS

Treat more High Acuity behavioral health patients with no increase in cost by combining Lean & TeamSTEPPS / CRM

Increase volumes

Decrease staff assaults
Reduce seclusion & restraint use

Improving mental health services with team based care.

“I feel like we eliminated a culture of fear and punishment, which is what we were known for. 


LifeWings put in a model that allowed everybody to have a say in terms of patient care and being part of a team. It's hard to even describe how much better the environment is here now without having worked in it prior.”


Dr Shannon Stromberg

Medical Director, UNMPC Inpatient Services
University of New Mexico

“We have added around 260,000 folks to Medicaid, and New Mexico's population is only about two million so that's significant. At the same time we have seen outpatient statistics surging yearly 10-15%.  With LifeWings work, resulting in better communication and collaboration especially between the school and hospital, we haven't added FTE’s.”


Rodney McNeese

Executive Director Finance /
Psychiatric Center

University of New Mexico

Learn how the leadership team in a Behavioral and Mental Health facility achieved amazing results with LifeWings

Team Based Care in Mental Health Case Stud

Read how the leaders...

Decreased assaults and restraint use

Improved patient and staff satisfaction

Increased patient volumes

Decreased wait times

Data from the LifeWings implementation in Behavioral and Mental Health
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