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Improve Quality Outcomes in Labor and Delivery with LeanSTEPPS

Stop sentinel events & bad outcomes, improve  teamwork and quality measures with

Lean + TeamSTEPPS.

Learn how your Labor and Delivery can get results like these with quality improvement initiatives:

Stop sentinel events & bad outcomes

Improve collegiality and teamwork as measured by safety climate survey scores

Improve quality measures

“The results in our Family Birthing Center have been dramatic.

We’ve significantly reduced harms and days between serious events."

David Holloway, MD

CMO & Senior VP

Salem General Hospital

“Our skills are better. The removal of hierarchies has enabled us all to focus on the service we are providing.

Not having to worry about being reprimanded for speaking up about a potential issue has put all of us on the same page.”


Physician Leader

Perinatal Risk Reduction Committee

Vassar Brothers Medical Center


To learn how leaders improved outcomes in labor / delivery with LifeWings

Read how the leaders...

Eliminated sentinel events and bad outcomes


Fixed their culture as measured by safety climate surveys


Improved their quality metrics

Quality Improvement Data from the LifeWings
implementation in various
Labor and Delivery departments
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