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Are you ready to find out if your checklists are designed to save or harm lives?

Download the

"Checkup for Your Checklists"

tool and get started now. 

Checklists, when they are well designed and used correctly can save lives.


Our experience developing hundreds of checklists has taught us exactly what makes a checklist effective, and what makes them ineffective, or worse, dangerous.


Learn things like: 

  • One common feature you should NEVER include on your checklist.

  • Which member of the team should be entrusted to initiate the checklist. Hint—you've probably been doing it wrong.

  • What input you should NEVER ignore if you expect any results from your checklist.


Don't delay getting this vital information—your team and patients will benefit.

get your free assessment tool

Be ready to meet and exceed the new standards for safety and reliability with this expert information.

About Us


LifeWings Partners, LLC is a team of physicians, nurses, Toyota-trained Lean experts, health risk managers, astronauts, military surgeons, and flight crews.  Our team was the first in the United States to study the best practices of organizations with high reliability, and successfully adapt their strategies for use in health care. We have distilled the methodology used in commercial aviation, military aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and cutting-edge manufacturing to assist health care organizations create safe, efficient, and high quality hospitals and clinics.

Proven Experience Helping hospitals get measurable, sustainable results

LifeWings has unequaled expertise at improving system processes and transforming culture to perfect the patient experience, eliminate waste, and continuously improve patient safety. We’ve partnered with the best health care organizations in the world to achieve results like these: 

  • 11% increase in patient volume

  • Significant reduction in labor costs per patient

  • 27% improvement in communication openness

  • 92% reduction in near-misses

  • Prescription order accuracy improved by 30%


Our coaches are experts in TeamSTEPPS, Lean, CRM, strategic planning, in‐station process control, metrics development and use, employee engagement, standardized work, organizational design, total productive maintenance, 5‐S standardization, Kaizen events, value stream mapping, and the Just in Time material flow pull systems. Let us put them to work for you.

What Hospital Leaders say...

LifeWings was the pioneer in applying proven methods and techniques used from high-reliability industries such as aviation and space, to the health care environment.


Our programs have helped more than 220 organizations make dramatic, sustainable improvements like these from Memorial Healthcare System:

“Since implementing CRM, our current patient treatment setup and delivery process has eliminated all treatment deviations. Our practices have identified situations where ambiguity or conflicting documentation could have resulted in inappropriate treatment or treatment inefficiencies. Our staff members have developed an extraordinary sense of teamwork combined with a high degree of personal responsibility to assure patient safety and have spoken up when they considered something potentially unsafe. We have increased our efficiency (and profitability); in 2012, our units of service were up 11.3% over 2009 levels with the same staffing level.”

From LifeWIngs' Client Memorial Healthcare system in "Improving patient safety in the radiation oncology setting through crew resource management" in Practical Radiation Oncology

The proof is in:


More than 150 hospitals helped Wexner Medical Center, Miami Children's Hospital, Rush University Medical Center, University of New Mexico Hospitals, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Memorial Health Care, Wake Forest Baptist Health and more than 100 other leading health care organizations have benefited from our proven programs. 

Let us put these programs to work to improve your hospital.

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