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Recruit Patient Safety Champions

How to Get Physician Buy-In

Easily Get Physician Buy-in and Partnership for your TeamSTEPPS Initiatives

Easily get physician buy-in and partnership for your safety and quality initiatives. LifeWings shows you how – with our acclaimed 3-hour workshop that can be taught on-site, or via webinar.

Your Patient Safety improvement project leaders will learn how to:

  • Identify potential champions

  • Identify potential resisters

  • Analyze how to approach physicians

  • Determine who in your organization should approach them for recruitment

  • Develop a communications script with key words for use in the crucial conversations

  • Explain your project in terms that have meaning for physicians

  • Describe each step in the implementation process in a way that focuses on the benefit to the physician

  • Handle difficult questions or criticisms from resisters

Contact LifeWings

Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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