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TeamSTEPPS Certification Training

TeamSTEPPS Trainer Certification

LifeWings provides a variety of TeamSTEPPS training courses – from a two-day course (similar to the AHRQ training) that qualifies your staff to teach the 4-hour TeamSTEPPS course, all the way to 15 days of world-class training that certifies your staff to:

  • Facilitate the 4-hour TeamSTEPPS course

  • Conduct readiness assessments

  • Conduct site assessments and needs analyses, and

  • Create and implement safety tools (e.g. checklists, scripts, handoffs, etc.) that hardwire TeamSTEPPS behaviors into daily work life.


LifeWings also conducts state-wide collaboratives for TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers and Project Directors. We are currently conducting a collaborative for the Tennessee Center for Patient Safety. This program provides an A to Z Master Training program with three live 2-day sessions and 9 webinars for 36 hospitals.

Please visit the TCPS link for valuable resources including slide decks and recordings of the webinar training sessions.

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Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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