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"…I’ve seen different consulting firms come and go without any positive impact on patient care outcomes. With the Lifewings involvement here I’ve recognized a noticeable difference in safety awareness, educational resources and management engagement."

Tammy Prosch-Allred, RN, CCRN, Piedmont Atlanta

"We have increased our efficiency (and profitability); our units of service were up 11.3% with the same staffing level."

Memorial Healthcare Services

"As a result of the HST training we now have structured solutions to problems plaguing our L&D department."

Maureen Goins, RN/L&D

"It’s 105% better. We all communicate now because of LifeWings. We stop each other. We double check now and we’re safe."

Community Regional, Fresno CA

About LifeWings

We were the pioneers in implementing many of today’s best practices for healthcare quality improvement.

LifeWings Partners creates documented, sustainable improvements in cost reduction, efficiency, reliability, safety, and quality by combining the best of Lean and TeamSTEPPS. LifeWings has improved the financial bottom line and patient safety record of over 140 hospitals worldwide. The LifeWings coaching cadre of pilots, astronauts, physicians, nurses and Toyota-trained Lean experts train more than 13,000 administrators, physicians and staff per year. Measurable results are guaranteed in all LifeWings’ initiatives. Documented return on investment for LifeWings projects typically exceeds 300%.

About Our Leadership

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