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The Magic of Taking Ownership of Your Patient Safety Work

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

We used to live in an industrial age, a Smithian-Marxist world where the worker sought to do as little as possible and the boss tried to get the worker to do as much as possible. In this economy, though, that's just not true. There are all sorts of roads to take in how you see your work, but the most effective, the ones with the biggest payoff that make the biggest dent in your little slice of the universe are the roads where you supply your own locomotion for the work you do.

Patient safety matters. Your work matters. The results you get matter. To you, your hospital, and most of all - to your patients.

The magic of taking ownership of your own patient safety work, is that instead of your work benefitting your CEO, and his salary and bonuses, your work and your learning around improving patient safety benefits you and the people you care about - your patients

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