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Safety Measures to Reduce Medication Errors, Surgical Errors 

Healthcare Safety Measures and Tools

Permanently sustain the gain you get from your skills workshops. LifeWings shows you how to create and implement important safety tools such as checklists, communication scripts, handoff tools, briefing guides, protocols, and standard operating procedures.


Our 3-day on-site workshop, conducted with six to eight of your key personnel, creates site-specific systems to “operationalize” effective physician and staff teamwork behaviors into daily work life.

The workshop, conducted using Lean methods, produces key operating systems that rapidly improve and sustain the teamwork between physicians and staff. Your organization gets:

  • Two to three completed Hardwired Safety ToolsSM packages (e.g. procedures, protocols, or checklists);

  • All training/educational documents needed to successfully use the Hardwired Safety ToolsSM package;

  • A measurement/testing plan to ensure the effectiveness of the Hardwired Safety ToolsSM package and to document improvement results;

  • Assistance to revise Policy & Procedure verbiage governing the use of the Hardwired Safety ToolsSM package;

  • Assistance to revise Annual Performance Reviews that include the use of the completed tool in assessment guidelines and performance criteria; and

  • A presentation to the Department Chair or Chief of Service to introduce the Hardwired Safety ToolsSM package, as well as, the training, measurement, and implementation plan.


Don’t be tied to the off-the-shelf tools available in the standard AHRQ TeamSTEPPS courseware. Create your own customized checklists and tools that are responsive to your culture and operational needs.

Contact LifeWings

Our team of experts is excited to talk to you about how we can work together to get dramatic, sustainable results and ROI for your improvement projects.

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